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This thread will contain important information that will help you to get started with playing Modded Minecraft.

[spoiler=What is Modded Minecraft?]There are literally thousands of mods out there, and they all do different things - some are useful (e.g. enabling players to better manage their inventory), some are educational (e.g. replicating ancient worlds) and some are just plain ol' fun (e.g. adding dinosaurs or letting players create enormous explosions).

Some examples of things that mods can do:
  • Add new blocks, items or mobs (animals and creatures).
  • Change the way blocks, items or mobs look.
  • Give players new abilities.
  • Give players more control over the game.
  • Modify or add new landscapes and terrain.
  • Add new options for things like speed or graphics.
  • Fix bugs that Mojang hasn’t gotten around to fixing yet.

A really important thing to be aware of is that mods are created by other players and not by Mojang (the makers of Minecraft), so they're not an official part of the product. This means that if something goes wrong, you won't be able to get support or help from Mojang.[/spoiler]

If you have never played Modded Minecraft before, The very first thing to consider is your computer hardware. Different mods have different resource requirements, and every modpack is different. Generally the more mods you have in a modpack at once, the more resources it will use.
[spoiler=How to find your system specifications]
To get your system specifications on Windows, Go to Start, Control Panel, System and Security, and then click on "View amount of RAM and processor speed".

To get your system specifications on Mac, Click the Apple icon in the top left corner of your screen. From the drop-down menu, click About This Mac to open the System Information window. The System Information window will show you an overview of your system, including what version of OS X you're running, your model, your processor, your installed memory (RAM), your graphics card and your serial number.

Minimum Recommended Hardware Specifications:
CPU: Intel Core i5-4690 3.5GHz / AMD A10-7800 APU 3.5 GHz or equivalent
VIDEO CARD: GeForce 700 Series or AMD Radeon Rx 200 Series (excluding integrated chipsets) with OpenGL 4.5

Once you have determined that your computer is capable of playing Modded Minecraft, The next step is to of course start installing Mods or install a whole Modpack.  ;D  8)

How do you install a Mod or Modpack?

There's really no standard way to install a Minecraft mod because each mod is created by a different person using different methods. Most mods can be installed relatively easy by using Minecraft Forge. However, For simplicity's sake, I'm going to show you how to automate the installation of an entire Modpack using the Twitch Desktop Application.

1.) First, you will need to install the Twitch Desktop Application. You can download it from here.

2.) Once you're logged into the Twitch App, You will need to "Enable Minecraft". Click on "Mods" in the top menu, Look for Minecraft and click on it, Now click on the "Enable Minecraft" button.

Once it is enabled, you will need to "Install" it. By using the Twitch Desktop App, you're actually installing a completely separate installation of Minecraft. This is recommended so that your original Minecraft installation that you use will remain untouched.

3.) Now you're ready to install a Modpack! Click on "Browse All Modpacks" and search for the Modpack you would like to install. DoD has a server with the "Direwolf" Modpack so we will search for that.

Hover over the picture of the Modpack and click "Install". The Twitch App will now proceed to install all of the files required to play this Modpack.

Once it is done installing, you will see a new "Play" button on the picture of the Modpack, Click this button to launch your newly installed Modpack!

4.) Once the Minecraft Launcher starts, you will need to switch your profile to "FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.12" and then click Play. The Minecraft client will then start to download all the necessary files for Minecraft to run since technically this is a brand new installation of the game. Once that is done the client will then proceed to start loading all of the Mods in the Modpack. This step can take awhile depending on the number of Mods that it has to load, So please be patient.

5.) Once the Minecraft client is fully loaded, you are ready to join the server and enjoy! Click on Multiplayer and add the server Once you're connected, execute the command "/server forge" and you will be connected to the server!

That concludes this tutorial, If you have any questions or run into any problems, You can make a post here on the forum, Or contact one of the Staff. You can also contact us via our Discord server.

See you in-game!


Important Server Information / Changelog Archive
« on: November 04, 2017, 12:29:43 PM »
I have created this thread for archival purposes of the Network Changelog8)

[spoiler=2018 Changes]December 31, 2018
[SV] Players now have access to /tpa, /tpahere, /tpaccept

December 24, 2018
[Network] DoD Ad Bones have been renamed to Shards.

December 20, 2018
[SBC] Players now have access to /tpa, /tpahere, /tpaccept, and /home bed.

December 18, 2018
[Network] The Forge server will no longer be an always online server and will instead be part of a new Event Server that will periodically be used for official random events. ie: Minigames, Forge modpacks, Parkour Tournaments, PvP Tournaments, etc.
[Hub] New NPCs have been added to the spawn to further simplify how players connect to their server of choice on the network.

November 28, 2018
[Survival] Fixed an issue with the JC Apple Farm sell signs and info signs not working as intended.
[Survival] Fixed an issue with the JC Apple Farm not dropping apples as intended.

November 26, 2018
[Survival] Fixed an issue that prevented some special mobs from being named correctly.
[Network] More fixes rolled out to fix some players being kicked when tab completing under various circumstances.

November 19, 2018
[Survival] Improved tree toppling animation.
Toppling Trees now have a chance to drop bonus items.

[Network] Updated protocol support for 1.13.x clients.
The connecting blocks issue for 1.13.x clients (ie: doors, fence, chests, etc) still exists and is actively being fixed. It is still recommended for players to be connecting with MC 1.12.2 until further notice.

November 4, 2018
[Forge] The server modpack has been changed to version 1.2.1 of Sky Adventures.

September 21, 2018
[Survival] Custom Mobs - The special mobs that spawn on survival have been completely re-done and now scale better in difficulty for newer players. Note: Due to significant changes to items, any items that were previously dropped by special mobs before this update will not be re-sellable to the loot store and will lose any potion effects they may have. Other notable changes include:
New and improved item drop system! Items are now dropped less randomly and instead are dropped according to power and worth.
Changed how mobs get powers! Special mobs now get a maximum of 2 defensive powers, 2 offensive powers, 2 miscellaneous powers and 2 major powers. One new power is added every 50 levels. This means that the power cap is now at 8 powers total, as opposed to the possibility of stacking all powers.
New Adventurer's Guild system! This allows players to set their own difficulty for special mobs and receive rewards according to what difficulty they're playing. Higher difficulty will yield much better loot compared to lower difficulty.
New Commands: /ag, /adventurerguild, /adventurersguild

July 30, 2018
[Network] A new server is now available on the network: Skyblock Classic
This server features classic skyblock gameplay with minimal features.
New command: /sbc
[Network] The command /dod has been updated to allow connections to SBC.

July 27, 2018
[Forge] The server has been updated to version 2.1.0 of the Direwolf20 1.12 modpack.

July 16, 2018
[Survival] Resolved an issue that allowed hoppers to be crafted.
[Survival] Resolved an issue with Obsidian mine exit not working as intended.

June 29, 2018
[Network] The minecraftforum vote link has been changed to minecraft-mp both on the site and in-game.

June 21, 2018
[Forge] The server has been updated to version 1.11 of the Direwolf20 1.12 modpack.

May 30, 2018
[Network] Players are now able to earn a new currency called “Bones” via /ad.
Players are now able to convert Bones to Web Store currency.
Bones are obtainable on all servers for the exception of the Forge server.
New Commands: /ad, /bones

May 28, 2018
[Forge] The End world protection issue has been resolved.
Players are now able to resummon the Ender Dragon.

May 1, 2018
[Network] A new Forge server has been added to the network.
The server is running Direwolf20 1.12.2.
Click here for help installing this Modpack using the Twitch App.

April 22, 2018
[Skyblock] New user friendly item trading GUI.
New commands: /trade <player>
[Skyblock] Fishing has been improved.
New bait and tension system with custom fish AI.
New commands: /fish, /bait

April 20, 2018
[Skyblock] After much debate - Slimefun Cargo has been disabled due to performance issues.
More information can be found here and here.

April 19, 2018
[Network] The network has been moved to brand new hardware.

April 15, 2018
[Skyblock] Man in the Maze, A new Parkour/Maze map by blackeyedgamer has appeared in /parkour under the hard category.

April 11, 2018
[Skyblock] The Slimefun Trader is now accepting trades for the recently disabled Enhanced Furnaces.

April 5, 2018
[Survival] Hostile mobs will now attempt to spawn closer to players at night.
[Survival] Hostile mob spawn rate has been increased slightly.
[Survival] Rabbit’s Foot is now sellable for CEO rank.
[Survival] Foliage in the Rabbit Pen can now be removed for a few seconds.

March 27, 2018
[Survival] Prestige system added to ranks.
Prestige allows a player to return to Outcast rank.
A special tag is added to players that have prestiged.
[Survival] Active Jobs have been added to survival.
Active Jobs are assigned to new players via the Job Foreman located at spawn.
Active Jobs allow the player to get paid for Breaking, Placing, Killing, Fishing, Crafting, and more. Higher level jobs will yield bigger payouts.
New Command: /jobs
[Skyblock] Slimefun has been updated to v4.1.14.

March 23, 2018
[Discord] Survival ranks now show in #livechat, as well as Skyblocks Island Level.

March 20, 2018
[Survival] Survival Mobs have been revamped.
The new mob system is still a work in progress.
Additional features and balance changes are likely to occur.
Mobs no longer spawn based on distance from spawn and instead spawn based on armor equipped, potion effects, surrounding mobs and players!
New loot system with in-depth item progression and endless item combinations.
New currency “Loot Coins” to be used in “Loot Shop” (New chest icon in /shop).
Random Mob Events and much much more!
[Survival] Treasures temporarily disabled.
[Survival] Mob Catcher has been disabled.
[Survival] Chat Auctioneer System has been disabled.
[Survival] Survival has been updated to 1.12.2!

March 19, 2018
[Survival] The Nether/End portals have been fixed for World2 (aka Recreation).

March 14, 2018
[Skyblock] Slimefun Enhanced Furnaces have been disabled due to a major exploit.
More information can be found here.
A list of all players that have researched these items has been generated. A refund of experience and SF materials will be refunded directly. Note: Only 1 of each item that has been researched and crafted will be refunded directly. If you’ve crafted several of one type of furnace, please collect them and give them to Death or a Staff member. Electric Furnaces are still enabled and have no known issues.

March 12, 2018
[Skyblock] The Stained Glass trades have returned on Donor Island.

March 9, 2018
[Skyblock] The command /dailybonus is now only usable while in the skyworld.
[Skyblock] Consumables(Food/Potions) are no longer allowed in the Parkour world.
[Skyblock] Two new mazes by blackeyedgamer have appeared in /ft.
Checkmate - A Medium Difficulty maze.
Lab Rat - A Easy Difficulty Maze.

March 6, 2018
[Skyblock] Players are able to lock their islands again.
[Skyblock] Member+ Island’s barrier parkour in the air has been drastically reduced in difficulty.

February 27, 2018
[Skyblock] The MultiTool gadget default tool is now a diamond hoe.
This change resolves the issue with the gadget breaking/disappearing.
[Skyblock] The Slimefun Trader now trades Cargo Input Nodes.
[Skyblock] The Emerald Trader now sells emeralds in bulk quantities.
[Creative] Redstone anti-lag security measures have been increased.
[Skyblock] Egypt is now a Medium course instead of an Easy course.

February 23, 2018
[Creative] Creative has been updated to 1.12.2!

February 6, 2018
[Skyblock] Removed Nether Star from custom recipes (/crecipe)

February 5, 2018
[Skyblock] The Wither will no longer disappear on hit when spawned.

February 4, 2018
[Survival] The Nether and End worlds have been reset.

February 3, 2018
[Skyblock] Island block values have been adjusted for 1.12.2.
[Skyblock] Ice Plains biome and Flower Forest biomes are available.
[Skyblock] MobCatcher is disabled until an update is released from the developer.
[Skyblock] The Nether and End worlds have been reset.
Existing island nether portals may require relocation below y-120.
[Skyblock] Slimefun backpacks have been disabled due to technical issues.
[Skyblock] Slimefun plants are no longer able to be harvested by island visitors.
SF Plants clicked on by visitors will turn back into their respective SF sapling.
[Skyblock] Slimefun has been updated with the latest bug fixes.
[Skyblock] Skyblock has been updated to 1.12.2!

January 15, 2018
[Skyblock] Obsidian Donor Rank now has the ability to lock ptime to night/day.

January 5, 2018
[Skyblock] The Voting Crate and Super Crate at spawn are now NPC instead of chests.

January 4, 2018
[Skyblock] The 'Rusty Lock' component trade at the Gadget NPC has been fixed.
[Skyblock] A loot chest with a bow and 20 arrows has been added to the beginning of the Archer Maze mini-dungeon.

[spoiler=2017 Changes]December 24, 2017
[Skyblock] A Trade All DoD Emeralds option is now available at the Emerald Trader.

December 18, 2017
[Skyblock] Slimefun has been updated to version 4.1.12.
New Machine: Electric Composter
Basic Composter dirt recipes have been reduced to 32 leaves/saplings.

December 4, 2017
[Skyblock] Winter festivities have been opened! Go to "/spawn" and click the button on the tree to the right, or use "/holiday" ~ Closed on Jan 3rd

December 1, 2017
[Skyblock] Balance changes have been made to the drops in the Event Dungeon.

November 30, 2017
[Skyblock] The DoD Christmas Event Dungeon has been opened!
The dungeon will remain open until January 1st, 2018.
Use /ft or /event to get there.

[Skyblock] The /pshop GUI has received an update.
Islands that are inactive for 3+ months will be moved to the inactive islands GUI.
A support ticket will need to be submitted to return the entry to the active GUI.

[Skyblock] Slimefun has been updated to the latest release.
New Machine: Automatic Ignition Chamber.
Ore Washer can no longer be forced into producing only certain kinds of dust.
Click here for the full Slimefun changelog.

[Skyblock] Slimefun balance changes and other various changes.
Composter dirt conversion recipes now require 64 leaves/saplings.
Electric Composter is coming soon.
Each player is now limited to only having a total of 20 androids.
New Electric Ingot Pulverizer Recipe: 8 Cobblestone -> 1 Sand

[Skyblock] Poppy is now sellable via /sell.
[Skyblock] Hostile mob spawning has been adjusted further. Hostile mobs should appear to spawn more often in mob farms and will start tracking players from a longer distance.

November 20, 2017
[Skyblock] Challenges that reward a tag on first completion will now be given to the entire island party instead of just the player completing the challenge. Challenges: Sugar Rush, Skylord, Spooky, Poisionous, End Explorer, Sky Master.
[Skyblock] The Slimefun Crook has been disabled due to issues with tilled soil.

November 18, 2017
[Skyblock] The Multi Tool gadget will now change to an arrow instead of a fishing rod when a valid material isn’t interacted with.

November 14, 2017
[Skyblock] NPC Traders for SlimeFun Exotic Fruits and Vegetables has been added to Member+ Island. Trade 16 of one type of fruit/vegetable for the related sapling! You can find them at /mpisland upstairs in the building. A trade sign for 1 Beacon -> 1 Nether Star has also been added to the same room.

November 9, 2017
[Skyblock] Items will no longer be set to 1 durability when shared/repaired for other players.

November 6, 2017
[Skyblock] Fixed permission issue that wasn’t allowing players to toggle on/off their warp.

November 4, 2017
[Skyblock] A new Slimefun Trader has appeared at /warp repair.
This NPC will trade “CSCoreLib’s Head” items that have lost their connection with the SlimeFun plugin.
More trades will become available as they are received. Please contact a member of the Staff if a certain trade is not working or not available.
[Skyblock] A new Gadget Trader has appeared at /warp repair.
This NPC will repair accidentally placed gadget components.
This NPC will soon also include gadget component upgrades.

October 31, 2017
[Skyblock] New warning system for Auto AFK farming detection implemented.

October 28, 2017
[Skyblock] Mob Stacking has been disabled.

October 25, 2017
[Skyblock] Players will no longer be teleported to spawn while AFK in the Parkour world.
[Skyblock] SlimeFun Barrels have been added. Disabled due to severe issues.
[Skyblock] Token Crate and Lucky Token Crate have been updated.

October 18, 2017
[Skyblock] A mysterious shrine has appeared at /spawn.

October 14, 2017
[Skyblock] Custom recipes for crafting Nether Stars and most of the raw ore blocks have been added. Use “/crecipe” in-game to see what materials you need and how to craft them. FastCraft works for the Ore Blocks.
[Skyblock] Potion trades in the alchemy shop at spawn have been fixed.

October 10, 2017
[Skyblock] SlimeFun cargo frequencies have been fixed.
[Skyblock] It is once again possible to divide stacks in a vanilla furnace.

October 7, 2017
[Skyblock] You can now disappear from players in Parkour. To use, simple send a “.” in chat while running a course.

October 4, 2017
[Skyblock] The /shop command has been updated.
[Skyblock] Mob Catcher options have been added to the Token Store (/ts).
[Skyblock] The default animal limit per island has been reduced to 200 down from 400.
[Skyblock] The following entity limits have been added to the Donor Ranks.
Grass Rank - Monsters: 20, Animals: 250
Iron Rank - Monsters: 30, Animals: 300, Villagers: 12
Gold Rank - Monsters: 40, Animals: 375, Golems: 7
Emerald Rank - Monsters: 50, Animals: 450, Villagers: 14
Diamond Rank - Monsters: 100, Animals: 525
Obsidian Rank - Monsters: 200, Animals: 600, Golems: 10, Villagers: 16

October 3, 2017
[Skyblock] SlimeFun Metal Plants have been enabled.
[Skyblock] Emerald Rank now has access to catching Peaceful Mobs via Mob Catcher.
Villagers are excluded from the Emerald Rank Peaceful Mobs list.
[Skyblock] Diamond Rank now has access to catching Hostile Mobs via Mob Catcher.
[Skyblock] Obsidian Rank now has access to catching Villagers via Mob Catcher.
[Skyblock] Due to incompatibility issues, the island sapling tool has been disabled.

September 27, 2017
[Skyblock] Flint is now sellable via /sell.

September 18, 2017
[Survival] Some features I missed,
Introducing DIRT, DoD’s Innovative Random Teleportation, this system will continuously teleport you every 10 seconds until you intervene and say “stop”.

September 21, 2017
[Network] Clan chat is now toggleable so that all messages can be sent to clan chat only. Use /clan toggle to enable/disable this feature. This feature is cross server compatible.
[Skyblock] Rails are now sellable via /sell.
[Skyblock] SlimeFun Ender Talisman has been disabled due to incompatibilities.

September 18, 2017
[Survival] Added command “/treasures tiers” and it will grab a current list of how many of each tiered chest is still available.
[Survival] Treasure compass functionality has returned.

September 14, 2017
[Network] It is now possible to start a /clan which is cross server compatible. Use /clan to see all possible commands. Use /cc <msg> to send a message to all players in your clan.
[Network] It is now possible to have a /friends list which is cross server compatible.
[Network] It is now possible to start a /party which is cross server compatible. Parties do not persist through logout. mcMMO parties can still be accessed with /mcparty.

September 13, 2017
[Skyblock] Obsidian Donors now have access to “/pweather” which visually affects the player’s weather. Example: /pweather clear
[Skyblock] The higher three Donor ranks have access to set homes in the Nether and End. “/sethome (name)” “/delhome (name)” “/home (name)”
Emerald Donor: 1 sethome
Diamond Donor: 3 sethomes
Obsidian Donor: 5 sethomes

September 12, 2017
[Skyblock] The max island hostile entity limits have been updated for SB donor ranks.
Grass Donor: 20 monsters
Iron Donor: 30 monsters
Gold Donor: 40 monsters
Emerald Donor: 50 monsters
Diamond Donor: 100 monsters
Obsidian Donor: 200 monsters

September 7, 2017
[Creative] You are now able to use "/pweather" and "/ptime"! Set your own personal time of day and what kind of weather you see.

September 1, 2017
[Network] Lucky Vote Crate chance has been increased from 10% to 30%.
[Skyblock] Cactus is now worth $3.20 per stack via /sell, up from $1.28 per stack.
[Skyblock] Carrots and Potatoes are now sellable via /sell.
[Skyblock] New /parkour menu, there’s also a clickable sign in the /pa lobby. All courses are now available for play, loot will still cycle biweekly.

August 30, 2017
[Survival] x2uesdays is gone. Welcome Multiplier Monday! Each week, every Monday a random multiplier will be applied to the JobCenter signs.
This multiplier can be seen using “/multipliermonday”.
The multiplier can be anything between 1.10 and 1.50.
So profits can be increased up to 50%.
10%-50% profit increase range.

August 29, 2017
[Survival] Fast Travel “/ft” and “/wild” have been slightly modified.
[Survival] Payouts have been removed. A new system is in the works.
[Survival] Custom chat colors have been removed and is awaiting further decisions.

August 23, 2017
[Survival] Super Crate items have been reworked to provide a better RNG.

August 21, 2017
[Survival] Secrets 1-5 have been remade. Enjoy the hunt!

August 20, 2017
[Skyblock/Survival] The Nether and End worlds have been reset.

August 18, 2017
[Survival] Removed Haste buff on Obsidian Farm. Added extra 10% chance 1-3 drops ONLY when using Super Breaker.

July 28, 2017
[Skyblock] Dungeon Essences are now right clickable.

July 27, 2017
[Network] Monthly voting milestones have been changed.
Extra vote crates will be rewarded every 3, 15, & 30 monthly votes.
At 45 monthly votes a Wooden Vote Crate will be rewarded.
The Wooden crate can contain the following rewards:
7 Tokens + 10 DoD Emeralds
7 tokens + 1 Diamond Block

July 19, 2017
[Survival] Removed Job Signs for Legend’s mob farm.

July 18, 2017
[Survival] The Land Claiming process has been revamped.
New Command: /land, /land home

July 17, 2017
[Network] New network wide Party/Friend system.
New Commands: /party, /friend.
Note: mcMMO parties are still available with the new alias /mcparty.

July 11, 2017
[Skyblock] Portal to Old Spawn added in the Staff Hall and the command /oldspawn

July 8, 2017
[Survival] Mob Arena has been completely revamped and /arena is now available to all.

July 4, 2017
[Skyblock] Donor Island - Horse Armor trade has been reduced. Now only need 1 armor per ingot instead of 3 armor.
[Skyblock] Donor Island - Can now trade old Davy Jones heart for new ones.
[Survival] World count in /wild is now accurate.

June 30, 2017
[Survival] Revamped death messages. No longer smack center of your screen.
[Survival] Rearranged World Teleportation menu.
[Survival] Minor fix to Potato and Rabbit signs at JobCenter.
[Survival] Made stone tool signs at JobCenter reflect the prices in our virtual shop.
[Survival] Made command “/autorespawn” to toggle if you automatically respawn when you die or not.
June 28, 2017
[Skyblock] Major overhaul to island challenges. See the announcement here.
[Skyblock] New Items: Gadgets (/gadgets)
There are new special items available called DoD Gadgets that can be crafted with new custom components. These gadgets provide unique features previously unavailable, or that are currently only available to donors. There are currently two gadgets available, but more will be added.
[Skyblock] New /sell command for trading mass produced resources
(ie: carrots, potatoes, beetroot, etc.)

June 21, 2017
[Network] 1.12 protocol support has been added.
(This means players on version 1.12 will now be able to connect to the network however the base version is still 1.11.2 until the necessary plugins have been updated by the corresponding plugin developers.)

June 16, 2017
[Skyblock] Obsidian Donor rank now has access to Rain Builder (Trails Perk).

June 5, 2017
[WebShop] New consumable package to purchase 100 mcMMO levels has been added.

June 3, 2017
[Survival] Reopened Rabbit Pen, duplicate item bug has been fixed.
[Survival] You can also now break the grass at Rabbit Pen, it will regenerate after 5 seconds.
[Survival] JobCenter Price Updates:
Raw Mutton - $1/unit
Cooked Beef - $1/unit
Raw Beef - $0.60/unit
Leather - $0.75/unit
Potato - $0.45/unit
Poisonous Potato - $3.25/unit
Jungle Planks - $0.50/unit
Sugar Cane+ - $0.65/unit
Birch Planks - $0.75/unit
Sand - $1.75/unit
Red Sand - $3.50/unit
Clay Block - $9/unit
Obsidian - $15/unit

May 24, 2017
[Skyblock] Added /sfbar to disable SlimeFun notification bar permanently per user.

May 15, 2017
[Skyblock] The Heart of Davy Jones from the Donor Island chest is now redeemable.
[Survival] Global hostile mob spawn rate has been slightly increased.
[Skyblock] Can now use a magma block instead of lava for a cobblestone generator.
[Skyblock] Applying a redstone signal to a block of cobblestone from the new type of generator forces it to break the cobblestone. This is no longer the case and has been removed. -G

May 10, 2017
[Survival] Added Lift signs, to make a lift;
Place a sign in a region you own or the wild.
Cannot build a lift in someone else's region.
Set the first line to [Lift] *case-sensitive
Set the second line to up/down.
Finish editing the sign and right click the sign to initialize the lift.

May 9, 2017
[Survival] Job Center changes;
Obsidian is now $15 per block.
Optimized JobCenter signs.
[Survival] Member+ shop is now complete, you can find it behind the stone mine.

May 5, 2017
[Survival] Added toggle to item DuraBar. Use “/db” or “/durabar”.
[Skyblock] Fixed issue with Animal Farm NPC option #2 not teleporting the player.
[Skyblock] Fixed issue with players not being able to open /vote in dungeon world.

May 3, 2017
[Survival] Added a dura bar to player tools.
 Note: As of right now you have to have the tool named, am looking into a fix. -G
 This was added a long time ago, i just forgot to add it and don’t want anyone to miss
 it in the log.

May 1, 2017
[Skyblock] Re-added Never Ender Story challenge completion requirement for entering The End.

April 17, 2017
[Survival] Added “/chatcolor” to automatically chat in a certain color!
Only can be used by Manager+.

April 14, 2017
[Survival] the World Teleport menu has been added to /ft.
[Skyblock] The Casino now requires Skybucks instead of emeralds to play.

April 6, 2017
[Skyblock] All emeralds received from Treasure Chests have been replaced with a proprietary emerald specific to DoD Skyblock for redeeming Skybucks. In addition, it is no longer required for players to visit the Emerald Trader to sell emeralds.

April 4, 2017
[Skyblock] Players are now required to remove any armor before completing Parkour.

April 3, 2017
[Skyblock] Fixed SlimeFun trees growing into buildings.
[Skyblock] SlimeFun fruit trees will now drop fruit when leaves are broken/decaying.

March 24, 2017
[Skyblock] Resolved issue with players being unable to spawn villagers via spawn eggs.

March 21, 2017
[Network] AFK Detection Sensitivity has been reduced to further prevent false positives.
[Skyblock] Mob spawn rate has been reset to default.
[Skyblock] Iron and Gold farms are once again allowed.
Per Island Limits:
animals: 400
monsters: 10
villagers: 10
golems: 5

March 20, 2017
[Survival] Resolved issue with /payouts not giving out rewards. Thank you @sslavik15
[Skyblock] Auctioneer perk added to Token Store.
[Survival] Auctioneer perk cost reduced to 20 tokens.

March 14, 2017
[Skyblock] New experience and currency values in the loot for Parkour courses. It’s based on what category it’s in.
Extremely Easy: 50 exp, $10-20
Unique: 100 exp, $20-40
Special: 200 exp, $30-60
Easy: 100 exp, $20-30
Medium: 150 exp, $30-40
Hard: 200 exp, $50-60

March 8, 2017
[Skyblock] Exotic Garden is now available in /sf guide.
[Skyblock] Island villager limit has been increased to 10.

March 6, 2017
[Skyblock] The Skyblock Donor Ranks have returned with improvements!
[Skyblock] Added option to trade Tokens for Skybucks in Token Store.
[Skyblock] The command /getmoney is now /dailybonus.
 The command will reward a daily token bonus every 24 hours.
 The amount of Tokens given is based on several conditions:
Members will receive 1 Token.
Member+ will receive 2 Tokens.
Grass, Iron, & Gold Donors will receive 3 tokens.
Emerald, & Diamond Donors will receive 4 tokens.
Obsidian Donors will receive 5 tokens.

March 5, 2017
[Skyblock] Removed Tools from Token Store and added FastCraft option.
(Tools will return soon with better options.)

March 3, 2017
[Skyblock] SlimeFun has been enabled! Use /sf guide in-game. View the wiki here
[Skyblock/Survival] More changes to Mob Stacking to improve functionality.
[Skyblock] Increased Exp reward for turning in Soul Essence to the Dungeon Guide.

March 2, 2017
[Skyblock] Fixed /formula, /erecipe, /method not displaying recipes properly.
[Skyblock] Due to recent changes of Potions by Mojang, The Alchemist and the Witch challenges will now require the raw ingredients necessary to brew the required potions.

February 24, 2017
[Skyblock] Radius of Mooshroom’s laser in Animal Farm reduced by 50%.
[Skyblock] Archer Challenge by LinXinDao is now available in /ft!

February 23, 2017
[Skyblock] The Farmer NPC for the Animal Farm dungeon is now located in the dungeon lobby to resolve a spawning issue with the first section of the dungeon.
[Skyblock] Resolved a brewing stand issue where ingredients were not consumed.

February 20, 2017
[Skyblock/Survival] Added new statistic commands: /stats, /played.

February 20, 2017
[Skyblock] The welcome kit for new players has been updated. /member
[Skyblock] Fixed casino not playing sounds while gambling.

February 19, 2017
[Creative] WorldEdit enabled for plots!
[Skyblock] Fixed Golemancer and Volaris encounters not opening path to next bosses.
[Skyblock] Reduced spider health regeneration strength by 25% in Scarlet Monastery.
[Skyblock] Slightly increased drop rate of Spirit Essence for normal dungeon mobs.

February 10, 2017
[Skyblock] Mobs once again randomly drop skybucks in the Dungeon world.
[Skyblock] StackMob is now enabled.
[Skyblock] New unique personal achievements to collect in the Dungeon world.
Brawler - A bonus for not using a weapon to kill a monster
Friendly Fire - A bonus for getting another monster to kill another monster
Mounted - A bonus for killing monsters while riding a horse
Sniper - A bonus for sniping a monster from 20 or more blocks away
Pro Sniper - A bonus for sniping a monster from 50 or more blocks away
Return to Sender - A bonus for returning a ghast fireball to the ghast
A Shove - A bonus for killing a monster by making it fall to its death
Just in time - kill a Zombie in early daylight before it burns up. Hurry!
Killstreak - A bonus for killing certain amounts of monsters without getting damaged. You need 5 for 1.5x, 10 for 2x, 20 for 3x. and 40 for 4x.
Under Cover - A bonus for killing a player while disguised
Cover Blown - A bonus for killing a player who is disguised
Killstreaks in Dungeon world
 A bonus for killing certain amounts of monsters without getting damaged.
 You need 5 for 1.5x, 10 for 2x, 20 for 3x. and 40 for 4x.

February 9, 2017
[Skyblock] Fixed issue with players not being able to harm mobs in the nether world.
[Skyblock] Island Level is once again added as a chat prefix and the display name
            above the player head.

February 5, 2017
[Skyblock] The server core files have been updated from 1.9.2 to 1.11.2. Most plugins have been updated but a few have since been re-written and require a full re-configuration, such as the Parkour plugin. We are working as fast as possible to restore all previous functionality as well as implementing some brand new features. Should you encounter any issues, please submit a support ticket here.

January 30, 2017
[Minigames] The Laboratory is now available(2+ Players Required)! Players can get to it from /dod by clicking on the diamond. The Laboratory is a game ran by our local science expert, Dr Zuk! And he needs your help! Zuk has been working on many awesome new exciting inventions, but they're untested. Are you up for the job?​
 Game modes: Dodgeball, Electric Floor, Gold Rush, Crazy Paint, Balloon Pop,
 Build a Snowman, Splegg, Fight, Whack-a-Mob, Boat Wars, Pig Racing, Rocket Race,
 Breaking Blocks, Catastrophic.

January 24, 2017
[Network] Vote Crate & Lucky Vote Crate have been renamed to Token Crate and
 Lucky Token Crate to reduce confusion. (Players whom have been saving crates
 will need to trade them in for updated crates to any Staff member.)

January 21, 2017
[Survival] Added new timed payout system to all players above Citizen. You can use the “/payouts” command at anytime.
You get these amounts every 15 minutes.
Legend - $2500
President - $2000
Senator - $1500
Mayor - $1250
CEO - $1000
Manager - $750
Worker - $500
Citizen - $250
January 16, 2017
[Creative] The plot world has been reset.

January 15, 2017
[Survival] Recoded, redesigned how Treasures work. You still need to be at least Citizen or higher, but we have reworked the system of their spawns and the rewards.
Chests now spawn with a Tier 1-5 assigned to them.
New reward list is based on what Tier the chest you claim is.
A command to see the reward list is in development and will be “/treasures rewards” when it’s done.
Readded hidden chests!
A chest that doesn't broadcast it’s own coordinates.

January 13, 2017
[Survival] Added “/boost list” so a player can see the rank’s speed boosts.
[Survival] Reworked the way the /boost command works;
You can now do “/boost <number>”.
As long as the number you use is above 1 and below your rank’s limit. See the change below.

January 8, 2017
[Network] Revamped the styles of our Discord events for the server. Nothing major, just minor cosmetic changes.
[Survival] Added “/whereis <player>”. This command can tell you how long a player has been offline. It is aliased with “/where”.
January 4, 2017
[Survival] Finished the job center rank’s passive speed boost. The boosts are as follows;
Legend - 3x
President - 2.75x
Senator - 2.5x
Mayor - 2.25x
CEO - 2x
Manager - 1.75x
Worker - 1.5x
Citizen - 1.25x
*Note: You can toggle this passive with “/boost”.
January 1, 2017
[Survival] Allowing Senators and above purchase Pufferfish from the fishing pier. This way they can “buy” water breathing potions.
[Survival] Can toggle the ability to sit on stair blocks with “/chairs”.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=2016 Changes]December 19, 2016
[Survival] Server has been updated to 1.11. A list of plugins that were changed/removed/disabled can be found here.

December 6, 2016
[Survival] Added ability to hover over the rank in “/ranks” to see what farms it has in the JobCenter.

December 1, 2016
[Survival] Quiz mini-game updated. New Modes: Math, Trivia.

November 30, 2016
[Survival] Replaced “/near” with “/treasures near”.
[Survival] Added “/tre” as an alias to “/treasures”.
[Survival] Added “/treasures sb”

November 24, 2016
[Survival] Added convert signs to JobCenter log farms. Easily convert all logs into their respected plank variant.

November 22, 2016
[Survival] Readded Obsidian to blocks allowed to be veinmined. Note: This cannot be used however in the Nether or The End.

November 20, 2016
[Survival] Added Mob Farm to “/ft”.

November 19, 2016
[Network] Added protocol support for 1.11 clients.
[Survival] Added a JobCenter Mob Farm to Legend rank. Note: WIP, balance changes may occur.

November 11, 2016
[Survival] Can now left click AND OR right click on Treasures in the case that they inside of the spawn’s protected region.

November 7, 2016
[Survival] Added Stinky Pete to the CEO’s Potato Farm.
[Survival] Falling a great distance? Going to die? Consume an emerald right before you hit the ground to survive it!

November 5, 2016
[SV/SB] Want to share your levels? Do “/share <levelAmount>” and give someone the magma ball of XP. (Survival: Managers+ only. | Skyblocks: Members only.)
[Skyblock] Copied some useful commands that have been added to Survival to Skyblock.

November 4, 2016
[Survival] Revamped Treasure Hunt with recoded version. Every 15 minutes, 5 chests will spawn somewhere in the world. You can also now shift right click holding a compass to make the compass point to a spawned chest. Chests are also marked with fireworks.
[Survival] Added “/treasures” to show not found treasure locations.
[Survival] Just a clarification change. Hence the return of our trademarked Spawn Secrets is the return of our absolutely no spoilers in global chat rule. If you’re caught spoiling our fun, hidden secrets to other players. Punishments to your current account may occur. This includes walking friends through the steps or hints or showing locations.

November 3, 2016
[Skyblock] Added island level to chat prefix.
[Network] Updated /vote and /claim commands/gui.

November 1, 2016
[Survival] To those of you who have found a super secret book that was unusable on any items. That super secret book is now usable. Rightclick while holding the book and follow the prompts.

October 31, 2016
[Survival] Happy Halloween! Watch out for The Wicked Witch of Halloween on the server. She appreciates the trick part of Trick or Treat more than the treat.
[Survival] Feeling generous? Giving mood? You can now use “/spreadthelove” to spread your money equally (or try to be equal) amongst online players. You’ll earn ore blocks based on how much you gave. 10,000 - 16 Iron Blocks | 50,000 - Last Reward + 16 Gold Blocks | 100,000 - Last Reward + 16 Diamond Blocks | 250,000 - Last Reward + 16 Emerald Blocks

October 30, 2016
Added a found argument to the secrets command. “/scs found” and it will tell you how many spawn secrets you’ve successfully found.
Updated “/wiki” you can now add the name of an item/block as an argument; e.g. (/wiki flower) and it will output the wiki link to that entry (
Added an alias to #coords. Now can also use #here.

October 29, 2016
[Survival] Need a quick route out of the Nether? Shift throw a blaze rod onto the ground. Will consume blaze rod.
[Website] Added a FAQ Page.

October 24, 2016
[Network] Hub, MiniGames, and Creative have once again returned to their own respective servers.
[Survival] You can now ping an online player by using “@<displayName>”. Their displayName is the name that you see when they chat, excluding the color codes.

October 21, 2016
[Survival] Can now sacrifice a diamond to disable rain. Throw it into the sky while holding shift.
[Survival] Added “/scs”

October 20, 2016
[Survival] Finalized our special recurring event, x2uesday! This event will now automatically start at 12:00AM every Tuesday morning. It will end same time on Wednesday. The event allows players to sell at the Job Center for double the original profit!
[Survival] Two custom enchantments have been added, Lunge and Disarm, lunge will leap the player forward at a power determined by level of enchant. Disarm has a {level}% chance of knocking an item another player is holding from their hands.
[Survival] Golden Apple’s drop at a very low rate in the apple farm and can be sold per $100.
[Survival] You can now shift right click a sell sign, to sell all.
[Survival] Major balances to payout of Mayor’s Apple Farm.
[Survival] Can now say “#restart” in chat to see when server restarts.
[Survival] President and Mayor each have a new mine. President - Obsidian Generators | Mayor - Various Stones

October 19, 2016
[Survival] Coordinate information will now be displayed in chat upon death.

October 17, 2016
[Survival] WorldEdit selections are now visualized with particles!

October 11, 2016
[Network] Update: Successfully completed host transfer, server IP is still Please notify staff of any issues that have arisen from the move.
[Network] Update: We’re moved, but give just a little more time for the IP to come over and some other changes to finalize such as; unsplicing creative from survival server.

October 3, 2016
[Network] DoD begins host transfer process. No ETA.

October 2, 2016
[Survival] Added ZHorse. Each rank gets +5 stable capacity starting at Outcast’s 10 and ending at Legend’s 50. /zh help
[Survivial] Minor tweaks to sheep farm.
[Survival] Added a visitor counter to regions that you own. Now you know how many people have come to see your region. (If they can come to your region)

September 30, 2016
[Survival] Added Guardian spawner type to Token Store.
[Network] Added /timecheck to see how long you’ve been apart of DoD!

September 27, 2016
[Network] Changes to the tab list. Tab list is once again network global.

September 21, 2016
[Survival] Hostile Mobs are now more challenging and have levels. The level will increase the further away you are from spawn. This is the first step towards making the server more challenging and RPG like. More exciting changes to come!

September 19, 2016
[Survival] Fixed issue with Nether Mobs spawning conditions.
[Survival] Created a slightly different method for players to enter the Mob Arena.

September 12, 2016
[Survival] Reintroduced ability to fully set/remove region warps. With the command “/srt(setregionteleport) <regionName> [OPTIONAL]remove”

September 9, 2016
[Skyblock] Added new starting islands:
IslandDuo - Two close medium sized islands.
BlackDiamond - Experts Only! Minimal resources with a few diamonds.
BigIsland - A large sized starter island with already started basic farms.

September 8, 2016
[Network] Granted access to /seen <player>.
[Network] Swapped out voting site for

September 6, 2016
[Survival] Added new Raw Mutton sell sign to Manager rank.
[Survival] JC Sheep will now die instantly and have increased drops when sheared.

September 2, 2016
[Skyblock] Added mcMMO XP level boss bar.
[Survival] Added mcMMO XP level boss bar.
[Survival] Added “/xpbar” and “/xpbar help”.

August 25, 2016
[Survival] Returning ability to set region warps. This can now be done under a new command; /setregionteleport <regionName> OR /srt <regionName>.

August 24, 2016
[Survival] Changes to Voting Rewards. Details:

August 23, 2016
[Survival] Added word chat game with minimal chat spam.

August 17, 2016
[Survival] Removed flat rate for home upgrades, it now increases each level. 35k, 50k, 65k, 80k, 95k, 110k, 125k.

August 16, 2016
[Survival] Added /fc toggle (for those who have access from the Token Store).

August 15, 2016
[Survival] Resolved reported issues with /nick.
[Survival] Increased Auto AFK Kick to 30 minutes, up from 15 minutes.
[Survival] Updated the following GUI’s: /ts, /dod, /wild.

August 7, 2016
[Survival] Finished expandable sethomes, released to all players. Usage: /homeupgrade or /hu for short. Please report any issues.

August 6, 2016
[Survival] More chance tweaking to treasures, and increased amount of treasures at a time to 5. Also increased X and Z range for locations.
[Survival] Began work on expandable sethomes.

July 29, 2016
[Network] Added “(/claim all)” to main player voted broadcast.
[Survival] Optimized server logins, “Downloading Terrain” should take less time.
[Survival] Removed animated tablist header and footer due to plugin incompatibilities.
[Survival] /spawn in MobArena world and Hub now take you back to main world.

July 28, 2016
[Survival] Updated Treasure Hunter messages.
[Network] Disabled Discord in-game due to memory issues.
[Survival] Fixed Treasure Hunter, replaced bugged item with an Enchanted Golden Apple.
[Survival] Updated lore on certain items in /ft and /ts.

July 26, 2016
[Survival] Keep Inventory has been enabled in the Main Building world.
[Survival] Automatic Inventory has been enabled.
/AutoSort chests toggles automatic chest sorting on or off.
/AutoSort inventory toggles automatic personal inventory sorting on or off.
/DepositAll dumps what you're carrying into nearby chests, assuming a chest with very similar items can be found.

July 22, 2016
[Survival] Added Dirt Pit to /ft, just right click the Stone warp.
[Survival] Server difficulty has been increased. Monsters ARE now spawning at night.
[Survival] Added /tpa perk to token shop.
[Survival] Fixed large tree issue in main world.
[Survival] Released the Global Haste 4 potion into the server’s store!
[Survival] A strange tower has appeared in the End.
[Survival] A world border has been set in the end. DO NOT teleport to a sethome if you believe it is outside of the border. You will die. 20,000 blocks in each direction.

July 21, 2016
[Survival] Periodically treasure falls from the sky in four different locations (one location being kept a secret each time)! Be on the lookout and beware of other players!
[Survival] Can now tell everyone where you are with “#coords” in chat.

July 18, 2016
[Survival] Removed iDisguise due to incompatibilities with other plugins. Replaced.
[Survival] LeaderHeads npcs are now showing again.

July 17, 2016
[Hub] Updated holograms to make it clearer to new players what features are where.
[Survival] New players will now spawn in the hub/lobby world.
[Survival] The command /spawn will now teleport players to the spawn of the world they are in.
[Survival] Nether /spawn will no longer try to drown you in a pool of lava. Sounds better.
[Survival] The Various Supplies Merchant NPC is now available at spawn.
[Survival] Added FastCraft and access to it is available in the token shop.

July 15, 2016
[Survival] Added various plugins to add various perks to donation ranks.

July 14, 2016
[Survival] Item holograms have been disabled due to compatibility issues.

July 13, 2016
[Network] Linked Discord to in-game chat.
[Survival] Added Trails to cosmetic ranks as perks.
[Survival] Added Fast Travel to job center farms. /warp (This overrides /warp j)

July 12, 2016
[Survival] Added apple farm to Mayor rank.

July 11, 2016
[Survival] Added statistic leaderboards in various locations of spawn and job center.
[Survival] Added custom player tags to /tags.
[Survival] Tweaks to Guardian Farm; Lowered max health, increased spawn rate, added 1% wet sponge drop chance, and fixed guardians stuck in walls.
[Survival] Removed select few enchantment books from Super Vote Crate.
[Survival] Added survival perks and MobCatcher sections in the /ts.
[Survival] Reactivated website Donation Store and added three ranks for purchase cumulatively. Also added two 24 hour boosts.
[Survival] Added iDisguise for use in the new donator cosmetic ranks.

July 9, 2016
[Survival] Creative plots are now available. /plot auto & /plot home.

July 8, 2016
[Survival] New players are now instantly given starter kit.
[Survival] Added 10 bread and 5 iron ingots to starter kit.
[Survival] Added enchantment’s and lore to starting tools.
[Survival] Fixed blank sign bug.
[Network] Hub world created on survival server. /hub (Still configuring)

July 5, 2016
[Skyblock] Item holograms have been disabled due to compatibility issues.
[Survival] Leaderheads have been implemented.

July 5, 2016
[Survival] The End is now available.
[Survival] Players are now able to teleport to all directions in /wild.

July 1, 2016
[Network] Players are now required to /claim their vote rewards.
*Claim all Rewards is not showing correct number of rewards to be claimed
  and will be fixed as soon as possible.
*Claim Rewards GUI is in (Beta).

June 30, 2016
[Survival] Backpacks to store additional items are now available! Use /bp to access.
(Note: Items in your backpack will drop if you die.)
Citizen: 9 Item Slots
Manager: 18 Item Slots
Mayor: 27 Item Slots
Senator: 36 Item Slots
President: 45 Item Slots
Legend: 54 Item Slots
[Survival] Auctions Anti-Snipe has been enabled.

June 29, 2016
[Survival] Players are now alerted when inventory is full.
[Survival] Most mcMMO messages will now appear in action chat.
[Survival] Diamond Ores are now announced in chat when discovered.
[Survival] All players receive a random potion effect when diamonds are found.
[Survival] Diamonds will now be cleverly injected for unlucky miners. Naturally spawned veins that exist in the world are not affected.
[Survival] Trees in the wild are suddenly affected by gravity.
[Network] Changes to the tab list.

June 26, 2016
[Survival] Auctioneer perk has been reduced to a cost of 100 tokens.

June 24, 2016
[Survival] Added a one time use stone tools kit for new players.
[Survival] Revamped /rules command.
[Survival] New command that checks which spawner types you own: /spawners

June 23, 2016
[Survival] Adjusted starting holograms at /spawn for new players.
[Survival] Decorative Player Heads are now available in the Token Store.

June 22, 2016
[Survival] Purchasable spawner types are now available in the Token Store.

June 19, 2016
[Network] Added client connection support for 1.8, 1.9, and 1.10.
[Survival] Adjusted region size for Guardian Farm.

June 17, 2016
[Survival] Added custom name tags.
[Survival] Balances to The Token Store Voter Crates.
[Survival] The Token Store has been released. More items coming soon!
[Survival] Fixed sign shops for starting tools and fishing rods.

June 16, 2016
[Survival] Added End Rods to Guardian Farm due to Frost Walker enchant.
[Survival/Skyblock] Added a better Anti-AFK detection.

June 14, 2016
[Survival] Cooldown implemented for command //wand.

June 13, 2016
[Survival] Lucky Vote Crate now rewards Diamonds instead of Emeralds.
[Survival] Vote Crate now rewards Diamonds instead of Emeralds.
[Survival] Added Chest Shops.
[Survival] Added LWC entity protection.
[Survival] Reduced cost of region claiming from $5,000 down to $2,500.

June 12, 2016
[Survival] Added Merchant Tents for starting NPCs.
[Survival] Moved starting NPCs to The Great Hall inside the castle.
[Survival] Added item frame protection
[Website] Relocated changelog to Google Documents.

Server News and Announcements / Skyblock Challenges Update
« on: June 29, 2017, 09:53:18 PM »
The Skyblock challenges update has finally arrived! This update aims towards changing a few things that have been long overdue, the update also focuses on challenges rewarding much more than before. This will make progressing through SlimeFun more enjoyable especially with the higher tiers. Challenges also now have better rewards but now come with a daily cool down while other challenges that were previously not repeatable will now have a weekly cool down. As you progress through page 1 of the updated challenges you will also receive several types of Item Cache rewards. These caches will make it easier for us to distribute various types of special items and blocks, specifically decoration blocks to encourage more variation and creativity on islands.

In addition to the challenges update, block values have also been updated and most players should see an overall increase in island levels. MasterRahl(aka Nightwolf3218) has made a detailed post here that explains how the block values were changed and why.

Also, due to challenges now having a daily cool down there is now a new /sell command where you can resume trading mass produced resources (ie: carrots, potatoes, beetroot, etc.) through a GUI to the server for amounts similar to what you were previously receiving from challenges.

Another new feature that you will notice are special Gadget Components that you will receive from completing the new challenges. These are special crafting materials for special items that provide unique features previously unavailable, or that are currently only available to donors. There are currently two gadgets available which can be viewed using /gadgets, but more will be added in time.

We hope you will enjoy the new experience and as always if you encounter any issues or would like to leave any feedback, you can submit a Support Ticket or post on our forum.

-DoD Team

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