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Author Topic: Survival Guide  (Read 29233 times)


Survival Guide
« on: July 11, 2022, 10:33:46 AM »
I wanted to get some basic info out there about the new Survival server!

Use "/bz" to open the bazaar! You can also use buy/sell orders to purchase/sell with other players.
KeepInventory is OFF
Fire spread is OFF
Creeper/Enderman block griefing is OFF
PVP is Toggleable with /pvp
The world border is currently 10k out.
You can have up to 3 /sethomes
Gain /keys from killing mobs and opening /vote crates
On weapons, the color of the text for "Gem Stone" is which color Gem you can put in it, not the visual color of the gem icon.
You are able to enchant the special gear!
/claim areas of your own to protect against other players! Protection covers entire Y depth. Gain more claim blocks just by playing. You can teleport to claims you own! "/claimslist" and click [TP]
/class /skills /att - Classes are going to be reworked but you can choose one for now. Spend points in attributes.
Use /p to see your Profile! Includes info on Mining/Woodcutting/etc skills and benefits.
Hold shift while chopping the bottom log of the tree to chop all the wood.
Hold shift while mining ore and it will mine the ore vein.
Use #hand or #item or [item] in chat to show what item you're holding!

Unsocketer to remove gems from gear: (4 Gold Ingots, 4 Paper, 1 Tinted Glass)

Soul Binder to attach to gear so you keep it upon death: (4 Gold Ingots, 4 Soul Sand OR 4 Soul Soil, 1 Nether Star)
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