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Important Server Information / Survival Guide
« on: July 11, 2022, 10:33:46 AM »
I wanted to get some basic info out there about the new Survival server!

Use "/bz" to open the bazaar! You can also use buy/sell orders to purchase/sell with other players.
KeepInventory is OFF
Fire spread is OFF
Creeper/Enderman block griefing is OFF
PVP is Toggleable with /pvp
The world border is currently 10k out.
You can have up to 3 /sethomes
Gain /keys from killing mobs and opening /vote crates
On weapons, the color of the text for "Gem Stone" is which color Gem you can put in it, not the visual color of the gem icon.
You are able to enchant the special gear!
/claim areas of your own to protect against other players! Protection covers entire Y depth. Gain more claim blocks just by playing. You can teleport to claims you own! "/claimslist" and click [TP]
/class /skills /att - Classes are going to be reworked but you can choose one for now. Spend points in attributes.
Use /p to see your Profile! Includes info on Mining/Woodcutting/etc skills and benefits.
Hold shift while chopping the bottom log of the tree to chop all the wood.
Hold shift while mining ore and it will mine the ore vein.
Use #hand or #item or [item] in chat to show what item you're holding!

Unsocketer to remove gems from gear: (4 Gold Ingots, 4 Paper, 1 Tinted Glass)

Soul Binder to attach to gear so you keep it upon death: (4 Gold Ingots, 4 Soul Sand OR 4 Soul Soil, 1 Nether Star)

Server Suggestions / Survival Server Suggestions
« on: July 06, 2022, 02:14:34 PM »
This thread was created for people to post their ideas and suggestions for the Survival server. Please post them here. Thanks!

Server Suggestions / New Survival Suggestions
« on: January 07, 2020, 02:35:08 PM »
Looking for suggestions for the upcoming 1.15 Survival!
Post your ideas and even links out to plugins you'd be interested in having.

Just wanted to put this here that there are also suggestions here:

Important Server Information / DoD Edge Network Rules
« on: December 04, 2019, 01:23:20 PM »
DOD Edge Network Rules

These rules apply to anything DOD related! This includes the Minecraft global server network, the website, and the Discord server.
Specific rules about certain areas of the network are listed by themselves below this main post.
If you are unsure about anything, ask!

Rules are subject to common sense. These rules are not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement.
Every player is responsible for knowing and following the rules. Ignorance of a rule is not an excuse.

If a staff member comments about your behavior or asks you to stop or change something, you are expected to listen.
If you disagree with the staff member, you may appeal through the website by posting on the forums or directly messaging an Admin or Mod.
Please be sure to include all the information, the time (and time zone) and day of occurrence, and the staff member who was handling the matter.

Obviously breaking a rule is going to warrant consequences, please be aware that you will get those consequences.

Be Respectful
Be respectful to other players and staff. Treat others how you want to be treated! Do not be racist, sexist, homophobic, or rude. Do not intentionally provoke a negative response from someone. Trolling is also asked to be avoided. Don't post or link to anything pornographic, disgusting, gory, or illegal.

Be Ethical
Do not do anything that would give yourself an unfair advantage over any other player. No cheating or exploiting! This is defined as taking any action that is obviously not the way things are intended to function by minecraft or the supporting server plugins.  This includes using any form of Block Glitching as well as block or item duplication.  If you are caught doing any form of cheating, expect to be banned.  Play responsibly. If you find an exploit, inform staff about it! If you are unsure if something is intended behavior, ask an Admin.  Asking an admin about a behavior is not going to get you banned (this does not mean action may not be taken to correct things).  Not asking so you can be sure and doing something unethical will get you banned.  Help us make the server better. You should know what is right, and what is wrong, use your best judgment.

No Hacking or Unapproved Mods
Mods that give you an unfair advantage will not be tolerated! This includes: Flyhack, Everbright (not needing torches), Godmode, Nodus, ET CETERA. If you are not sure if a mod is permitted, just ask a staff member, we will be happy to answer your question or confer with other staff about it! Start by checking HERE to see what we allow and what we don't allow.

Chat Rules
Caps are allowed as long as it is not being excessive. You may use caps for emphasis for a word or two in a sentence. Full sentences of caps is definitely excessive, as is constant short sentences of caps.
Swearing IS ALLOWED as long as it is not being either disrespectful, spammy or excessive.
Explicit sexual references, politics, and religion should not be used in global/general chat.
Please use some common sense about what topics are appropriate in global chat.
Please only use English in Global Chat. This is an English speaking server. You are welcome to speak another language in private messages. (/msg, /w, /tell) This is not to inconvenience our international players, but to ensure that the server remains safe and appropriate at all times.

No Spamming
Spamming can interfere with other players gameplay, and with staff helping players who have server related issues. Do not post gibberish or senseless text, or purposely say the same thing over and over. If you make a mistake in your previous sentence, correct the one word, not the entire sentence again, so it doesn't appear as if you are spamming.
Complaining about everything all the time could be considered spam. (It's okay to complain about one or two things on occasion when you're frustrated)
Posting multiple lines of song lyrics into chat is considered spamming. Instead, maybe link to that song on Youtube for everyone to enjoy (If it is appropriate!)

Do not ask to be made staff, admin, op, etc
We will not give this to you. You will not be granted staff just because you asked for it. If you are truly interested in becoming a dedicated member of our server's team, check out the Staff Applications section of our forum. However, we don't care if you claim to be from PMC, Hollywood, Mojang, or the government, You will NOT be granted any special staff ranks or powers.

No Advertising
Don't advertise on our server, don't advertise on OTHER servers. The best way you can show your support is by voting! If you are found spamming on another server with our IP then you will face consequences. This goes along with the first rule: be respectful. Nobody likes advertising, we don't do it to other people because we don't want them to do it to us.
We have a zero tolerance policy about advertising other servers. This includes their numerical IP, custom server IP, server name, website, and server logos. If you ignore this rule and post other server information, you will be punished.
Commercial advertising is also not advised. The only exception to this rule is advertising something youíre selling in your in-game shop (Just donít spam about it!)

No Begging
Do not beg for anything from staff or other players. Constant repeated begging in general, whether for free items or any other reason will be considered spam.

Alternate Accounts
Having an alternate account is allowed. Make sure you Register your alt account with us so we know who you are! Look on the top bar on the website! Any alt accounts in use that are not registered will be punished. No more than 2 accounts per individual: 1 Main and 1 Alt.
You may Vote on both accounts. To see other specific rules based on which server of the Network you are on, see the appropriate section.

First and foremost, it should follow all the rules.
Have the name make sense, No random collection of letters and/or numbers,symbols, etc. for example, do NOT name your name something like: asojgwpeslj. This also includes the over-use of the format command &k. That would be considered spam.
No potentially offensive or vulgar names. This includes things concerning politics and religion. You will NOT be allowed to try to impersonate another player, especially that of a staff member.
If a staff member asks you to change your name, please listen to them. If you disagree with their decision, please appeal on the forums and include the name of the staff member who asked you to change it. In the case that we agree that it was okay, we would like to be able to pass the word along to the staff member so that more problems won't arise in the future.
Try not to constantly change your nickname, this can be confusing and annoying. Try to settle on a nickname!
Repeatedly abusing this perk and violating the rules concerning nicknames can result in a Tempban and loss of the perk.

AFK/Auto Fish Farms
These machines are not allowed on any server.

Area-specific rules are in the next post:

General Discussion / Epic Skyblock Showoff!
« on: October 07, 2019, 03:21:57 PM »
Built something really cool? Accomplished something you've been trying for? Want to show off your skyblock warp or island? Post pics here :D

General Discussion / DoD Fan Art
« on: October 07, 2019, 03:20:48 PM »
I think it would be neat if any artsy people out there did some fan art related to DoD!
Ideas: One of the spawns, dungeons, Death, staff, sky islands, your MC character, builds you've done, whatever!

Server Suggestions / Creative Server Suggestions / To-Do
« on: September 12, 2019, 09:32:40 AM »
Creative Donor Rank / Token Shop Perk Ideas:
Heads Database access
/plot commands pack - plot music, biome, greeting/farewell, alias
in-chat tags - Builder, Designer, Craftsman, Architect, Engineer

Server Suggestions / Epic Skyblock Suggestions
« on: August 27, 2019, 02:55:45 PM »
Please post suggestions for either the current season of Skyblock, or for next season here so we can go over it and plan before Season 3 starts!

My suggestions so far:

Custom Achievements (Then will probably increase the required Achievements for Rankups since there will be more to choose from to aim for)
Skyblock Quests instead of challenges. Include animal spawn eggs like USB. Make them actually worth repeating.

Don't reset any rank requirements (Quests, Kills). Edit requirements to scale with the rank for each tier instead of resetting. Less confusion.

Add Phantom Membranes to the Items /shop
Instead of having Unarmed disabled completely, set the max level to 5 or 10 or something low.
Perhaps level 750 MCMMO Level for Rank 6 instead of 1000. A later rank can require 1k. Rank 10 maybe.
1 block center island, or 2x2 center island? Odd numbers or even numbers. (USB was 1 block, ESB is 2x2)

Do we still want to remove Auction House? Perhaps add PlayerShops.

Edit Ancient and Legendary crate loots at spawn. Make it feel more special instead of for example a $100k or 600 Energy "booby prize" ... That is, of course, unless the new economy is a lot lower than the current Season 2 one ..

Gambling! Maybe buy a crate key with money to use at a gambling crate. And/or a Sky Casino added to spawn.
Something similar to what we had on USB, /dice <playername> <bet amount> - Bet and roll against another player for Skybucks!

/jobs daily quests maybe..
More /jobs slots earned via donor rank and skyblock /ranks
More tags/titles. Add in the various shops. Energy, Quest Points, Exp/Enchanter, Job Points. I may also add some to /challenges

Skyblock /ranks, include percentage increases in money gained for challenges.
Ability to visit the 2 old Ultimate Skyblock spawns. Maybe add a sign in each that grants a special title or item in each one. Or turn it into a dungeon!

I'm sure players will want some sort of PVP Arena. Bring your own stuff, or something like Battle Night?

Return of /donorisland? special trades and a daily loot chest and +1 token sign? Could also have a public farm for crops like Survival that regenerate.

Addition of vanilla mob heads to the /shop .. whichever category.
Also be able to sell player heads (from headless enchant)

Be able to buy more than 1 magic dust at a time.

Add an Enchanted Book shop gui. Buy specific Enchants. Vanilla or Custom or both. Perhaps unlockable from certain /rank

Make crate keys not tradeable?

No Lightning related custom enchants. ie Thundering Blow

Make Enderman Reaper Quest require 150 or 200 kills instead of 250.

Server Suggestions / Donor Rank / Perk Suggestions
« on: July 19, 2019, 06:57:49 AM »
Some ideas for the network ranks.

Add /fly time to Survival crates. 5 minutes per crate?

Network Rank Perks - To be split up as you see fit per tier

Money, Energy, Crate Keys upon purchase, one-time.

Donor tags
/nick (Note, Survival has Colored Names in the Token Store)
Colored chat access
Colored + Formatted Signs
Cosmetics particles, pets, arrow trails, etc.
/ptime (Creative already has for free)
/pweather (Creative already has for free)
/medic (full heal, cooldown, 1 hour?)
/feed (full food, cooldown. 1 hour?)
/anvil (fully repair item in hand, cooldown. 20 hours?)
/rename (Ability to rename the item in your hand + colors)
/fly (Survival + Skyblock)
/craft /workbench
Backpacks /bp .. more slots available per tier (Also add /bp to a Skyblock earnable /rank)
Special Enderchest for more space, and command /ender /echest. More slots per tier.
/warp command to the nether (Surv, Sky) something like /netherwarp to have specific permission
/warp command to the end (Surv, Sky) something like /endwarp to have specific permission
Weekly and/or Daily /kits
McMMO Exp Boost (Surv, Sky) could split per tier? 5%, 10%, 20%, 25% (Also add small bonuses to the earnable Skyblock /ranks! Maybe highest 15% at Rank 10)
Maybe /fireball and /kittycannon for fun, non-griefing/damaging ..
/sethomes (keep in mind the sethomes earnable on Survival and Skyblock)
More /jobs slots (Also could make them earnable via /ranks on Skyblock and eco rankups on Survival)

Skyblock Only:
Increased item limit placements on Islands. + mobs like Endermen that are limited?
/j (Not useable in Dungeon world)

Creative Only:
More plots, /nightvision, /firework, /speed (1-3), Allowed to place water/lava

Survival Only:
More land claims?

General Discussion / The History of DoD
« on: March 15, 2019, 08:20:24 AM »
A list of some of the more important historic moments for the DoD Edge Network!
If you believe something should be added or removed, let me know.
Feel free to post about some of your favorite memories.

February - The beginning! DoD Edge Skyblock, an Ultimate Skyblock with a few parkour courses and dungeons. Gradual release of more parkour courses and dungeons.
September - Hell on Earth released, made by HorribleGamer. Iron and Gold farms no longer allowed.
October - BattleNight removed.
November 17 - Deadly Jumps released
November 24 - New dungeon Animal Farm released.

January 11 - /skypvp released.
January 13- New spawn released, made by FaliniFyreheart and Creep3rmuffin, with help from Nate (Devious) and Brecca.
January 31 - Hell on Earth closed
March 8 - /mpisland added
June 9 - Players restricted to flying in their own island region. Purchase Flight Permits to fly beyond the bounds of your island.
July 1 - New host and hub!
July 8 - Creative server now live.
September 21 - Welcome package for new members. /member
November 28 - #hand added to show the info on the item you are holding.
December 16 - Updated to 1.8.8

January 21 - Dungeons revamped - Animal Farm, Scarlet Monastery
March 9 - Updated to 1.9.
March 31 - Updated to 1.9.2.
June - Economy Survival released.
July 5 - The End is now available for Survival.
July 9 - Creative plots became available.
July 13 - Linked Discord to in-game chat via #livechat
September 9 - Added new starting islands on Skyblock.
October 20 - x2uesday events added to Survival.
December 19 - Survival updated to 1.11

January 6 - Moved from Enjin to current forum.
January 21 - Creative plot world reset. Survival /payouts added.
January 30 - The Laboratory minigame added.
February 5 - Skyblock updated to 1.11.2
February 10 - Added bonuses and killstreaks to dungeons on Skyblock.
March 3 - Slimefun added to Skyblock.
March 6 - Added /dailybonus to Skyblock. Awards extra daily tokens, more for higher ranks.
March 21 - Iron and Gold farms allowed on Skyblock again.
May 9 - Survival Member+ shop added.
May 10 - Survival lift signs added.
May 15 - Can now use a Magma Block instead of lava for cobble gens on Skyblock.
June 3 - Survival job center price updates. Additions and increases.
June 30 - /sell added on Skyblock for selling mass produced resources. Rehaul to Island Challenges. DoD Gadgets added.
July 8 - Mob Arena revamp on Survival.
July 11 - Portal to Old Spawn added in Staff Hall on Skyblock.
July 18 - Land claiming revamp, /land and /land home
July 27 - Extra vote crates rewarded every 3 15 and 30 votes.
August 18 - Removed the Haste buff at the Obsidian farm on Survival.
August 21 - Survival spawn secrets remade.
August 29 - /payouts removed on Survival.
August 30 - x2uesdays removed, Multiplier Monday added.
September 1 - /parkour menu added to Skyblock, all courses now playable. Loot still cycles biweekly.
September 7 - /pweather and /ptime added for Creative.
September 13 - The three highest donor ranks gain access to set homes in the Nether and End on Skyblock.
September 14 - Added /clan /friend /party.
September 18 - DIRT added to Survival. Random teleportation.
October 3  - Mobcatcher added for Donor ranks and Token Shop.

February 3 - Skyblock updated to 1.12.2. Island block values adjusted. Ice Plains and Flower Forest biomes available. Mob Catcher disabled.
February 23 - Creative updated to 1.12.2.
March 9 - Two new mazes on Skyblock by blackeyedgamer: Checkmate and Lab Rat.
March 20 - Survival updated to 1.12.2. Mob revamp, loot system, loot shop/coins. Treasures disabled, Mob Catcher disabled.
March 27 - Prestige system added to Survival. Active /jobs added.
April 15 - Man in the Maze, new maze on Skyblock by blackeyedgamer
April 20 - SlimeFun removed from Skyblock due to endless bugs and issues.
April 22 - New /trade gui and custom fishing added to Skyblock.
May 1 - Direwolf20 1.12.2 modded server added.
May 30 - Bones added, web currency.
July 30 - Skyblock Classic added.
September 21 - Survival mob revamp, Adventurers Guild added.
October 16 - New Games section added to the website which includes an Arcade section with over 100+ games!
November 4 - Modded Minecraft pack changed to Sky Adventures instead of Direwolf.
December 18 - Modded Forge server closed. It will not always be available; instead, it will be an Event Server that will periodically be used for official random events, such as Minigames, Forge modpacks, Parkour Tournaments, PvP Tournaments, etc.
December 20 - SBC now have access to /tpa /tpahere /tpaccept /home bed
December 24 - Bones renamed to Shards
December 31 - Free access to /tpa /tpahere /tpaccept on Survival instead of in the Token Shop.

Ultimate Skyblock closed. Epic Skyblock to be released.
January 30 - New NPC Trader available at /spawn on SBC. /warp shop. Mushroom Biome available.
February 9 - New challenges added on SBC.
June 24 - Epic Skyblock public release!

Server Suggestions / Website RPG Battle Quest Ideas
« on: December 29, 2018, 06:54:24 PM »
Throwing this here for future quests. They're based them on Minecraft Achievements. I figure one quest every 5 levels is pretty good. So far we have up to level 30. No one else has gotten that high yet so I've put a pause on adding more.

Taking suggestions for dialogue. Each quest has 4 sections for text. Title, Initial Text, Success Text, and Fail Text. Then it has other information it needs as well for gold, exp, success rate, etc.


Future Quest List Notes:
Lion Tamer - befriend an ocelot
Saddle Up - Tame a horse
Diamonds! - success: find a decent diamond vein and mine it with fortune. fail: no diamonds and get burns from lava
Enchanter - make enchant table and attempt to enchant
Adventuring Time - find more biomes and explore. fail: you go in a circle and are back where you started
Archer - kill a creeper with arrows.
Taste of Your Own Medicine - poison a witch
Atlantis? - find an underwater ruin
Ahoy! - find a shipwreck
What a Deal! - successfully trade with a villager. success: farmer villager trades you emeralds for the crops from your farm. fail: nitwit
We Need to Go Deeper - build, light, and enter a nether portal
Into the Nether -
Return to Sender - success: while in the nether you come across a ghast that notices you and attacks! you slash your sword towards the approaching fireball and whack it back at the ghast. fail: you get hit and take massive damage and the explosion knocks you back.
Local Brewery - brew potions
The Beginning? - gather wither spawning ingredients and spawn the wither.
The Beginning. Kill the wither
Bring Home the Beacon - construct and place a beacon.
The End? - go to the end
Sky's The Limit - Find an elytra in the end city
Super Sonic - fly with an elytra
The End. - kill dragon
The Next Generation - gather dragon egg
The End .. Again. - respawn and kill dragon

Important Server Information / Classic Skyblock Guide
« on: December 13, 2018, 01:58:01 PM »
This small guide is for the Classic Skyblock Server on our Network. You can get here thru the /dod Server Select menu, right clicking the Classic Skyblock NPC at the Hub, or by doing the command "/sbc"

Click here to see the SBC Challenges Spreadsheet

Fire Spread is Off.
Mob Damage (such as Creepers exploding, Enderman stealing blocks) is Off.
Use a sign with [Welcome] at the top to create an /is warp!
Island border size is 100x100.
You get two island sethomes. "/is sethome" "/is sethome 2"
Get to them quickly with "/ih" "/ih 2"
Personalize what people are allowed to do on your island with "/is settings"
You can /trade with other players in a handy pop up window! "/trade (playername)"

In the Nether you get your own area for building, as well as a tower with mob spawners at the top!

Use "/vs toggle" to prevent falling in the void. Instead, you will be teleported to a solid block and have your hunger reduced.

There are various Leaderboards around Spawn such as Jumps, Cake Slices Eaten, Kills, Deaths, Challenges Completed, and Trades Completed. If you right click on the sign, you can see more than just the top 3.

Spawn Trades:
You can find these at the Material Trader at Spawn at "/warp shop"

64 Cobblestone + 8 Netherrack = 64 Netherrack
64 Stone Brick + 16 Nether Bricks = 64 Nether Brick Blocks
4 Magma Cream + 8 Gravel = 4 Magma Blocks
64 Cobblestone + 4 Ender Pearls = 64 End Stone
8 Cobblestone + 4 Bones = 1 Quartz Block
4 Sand + 2 Red Dye = 4 Red Sand
8 Glowstone Blocks + 8 Jack O Lanterns = 1 Sea Lantern
8 Glowstone Dust + 8 Iron Nuggets = 8 Prismarine Shards
16 Yellow Wool + Shears = 1 Sponge
8 Black Terracotta + 8 Ink Sacs = 8 Obsidian
1 Grass Block = 1 Lapis Block
9 Ice = 1 Packed Ice
64 Sticks = 1 Dead Bush
16 String = 1 Web
1 Diamond = 16 Nether Quartz Ore Blocks

Spawn Eggs
1 Grass Block = 2 Bat Spawn Eggs
1 Grass Block = 2 Squid Spawn Eggs
5 Grass Blocks = 2 Ocelot Spawn Eggs
5 Grass Blocks = 2 Wolf Spawn Eggs
10 Grass Blocks = 2 Sheep Spawn Eggs
10 Grass Blocks = 2 Pig Spawn Eggs
10 Grass Blocks = 2 Cow Spawn Eggs
15 Grass Blocks = 2 Mooshroom Spawn Eggs
10 Diamonds = 1 Horse Spawn Egg
10 Diamonds = 1 Parrot Spawn Egg

Forum Games / Chain Reaction
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:43:43 AM »
Each player posts two words that go together, but you must use the second word that the last player posted, and a new word that you come up with yourself.

For example:
Player A - Coffee Beans
Player B - Bean Salad
Player C - Salad Dressing

I will start with:
Living Room

Forum Games / Minecraft Deaths
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:38:27 AM »
In this game, you post how the person above you died in Minecraft. You could try to make it creative!

Player A - First post.
Player B - You fell in lava while mining!
Player C - A horde of Endermen killed you in the End!
Player D - A blaze shot you off a Nether Fortress!


Forum Games / Zombie Apocalypse
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:38:07 AM »
Oh no! The zombie apocalypse is really happening! The item to your left is your only weapon against the hordes. What is it and how would you use it to defend yourself?!

The item to my left is.. a painted rock. I would smash zombies' brains in with it!

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