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Author Topic: What's the story behind your name?  (Read 3274 times)


What's the story behind your name?
« on: January 07, 2017, 07:51:03 PM »
So after seeing Aidan's somewhat mysterious post about the reasoning behind his name, I figured why not make a thread for it! Everyone who wants to, post the reasoning behind your in-game name and shock us all 

Ill start off.

So my ign is xXIIDeviousIIXx
The reasoning behind my name is: Back during my intial days of my Minecraft experience, I enjoyed the more natural side of it. I loved everything green, from the trees to the grass, to the leaves. When multiplayer first was released for Minecraft, and PvP along with it. I enjoy... Ambush my friends in numerous sneaky and deceptive ways. As my time on Minecraft progressed, as did my grammar skills (Who would have thought! My grammar used to be worse). I found myself bouncing from one server to another, never revealing much of myself and enjoying my ability to attain this "mysterious" and sneaky character. It was only when I landed on a server called "DuckCraft" if I remember rightly, that I was called this strange... new word. A word which caused me both great interest and confusion. "Devious". I googled it, as everyone does when unsure on something. And I loved the definition. It defined my play style and I knew I wanted it as my name. Unfortunately "Devious" was taken so I added some extra parts to suit the style of names that were trending at the time. adding xXII to both the beginning and end of my name. Forming... xXIIDeviousIIXx

Boring right? Well i'm sure you guys have better stories lol. Have fun and be creative I suppose!

Good idea! For some reason I thought we already had a thread like this. Nice to see someone else start it!
Interesting story, I don't think it's boring. Now we know the reason behind your name and some history!

My story:

Keep in mind, I was like 9 at this time. Played this game all thru to my teenager years. Other games too of course..
When the game EverQuest came out, my mom got it and was playing. I created a character on her account to play, a Human Magician named Falini. At level 20 you get a surname. I chose Firekeeper. 20 some levels later, I was helping my friend's alternate character by giving them some hand-me-down gear. One piece was a ring, that also worked as a wedding ring. My friend clicked Yes and stole my last name  So, I got it changed to Fyreheart. Since I didn't know what else to use, it got used for my email, AIM, other character names, etc.. Sooo it's stuck with me today.

The End.

i got my username for a miscelanious unfitting ammount of reasons that you could i guess call a fragment of a story
chapter 1, OVER: it had occured to me one day that i couldnt keep a login no matter what i did even if i wrote it over and over again and i always found myself irl and on the internet and computer having to do things all over again due to my massive ammounts of disorganization

chapter 2, NUMBERS: 9 i just love how odd that number is and how it seems to be the hardest number for mew to work with
0 zero ( 0 ) is my favorite character from megaman
8 because usualy when im playing mario kart with my step brother after me winning 7 to 8 times in a row hell win with a last second blue shell or star
7 because it USED TO be my favorite number
and 6 because in the LEGO Bionicle series there was always 6 main good guys and bad guys

When I got my xbox 360 at like 10 years old. I couldn't think of a gamertag one of the suggestions had google in it and my first game on 360 was Oblivion. So i mashed those up and got googleoblivion. Like Fal's name it has stuck with me for everything I use today.

I got mine Several years ago, trying to make a Pogo account. My parents kept playing bingo on it, and that was one of the only games I really wanted to play on it. So I made an account, and little while later, i couldn't figure out the password, and was too young to understand the concept of changing my password <Yeah... Wasn't the smartest person...>. So I just made a new account, and I REALLY wanted my old name, and again, being the smart person i was.. got completely confused as to why it wasn't working, and saw the red "X" next to my name. So i changed it, including my favorite game on the site.. the word "KING" just because.. and the year I was born. And like Fal and Google, been what I use for most of my accounts.

So there is my long winded version of "I wanted to make an account on this gaming site called Pogo and I only wanted to play bingo." and no, I'm not really the king of bingo.. stoped playing on Pogo after like... 2 or 3 months i made the account. lol

In the early years of my experience with computer games I had fun with a variety of discs contained within a CD case. On the front of this case was the lettering "HP OpenView." Naturally, this is what I used as my username for the first sites I visited. When the name was worn out and caused issues with certain games, I had to change my username to something different. Familiar with the term "hpopenview" already, I chose to alter the username so that it became what it is today. (hp0penwiew)

We can all agree that the username I currently have is superior to all, so I have had no reason to change it. 

Okay, so my story is along the lines of Fal, Google, and others, except it wasn't a name created for a game.

Way back when, I was seriously weeaboo, and I had started looking at the Japanese language. I found out it was syllabic and started messing around with forming the syllables into words that rolled off the tongue, not to use in conversation, but just to be weird (I still form strange words that way). So I got it into my head to make two names for myself, one for my masculine persona and one for my feminine one (that's another story in itself). Misasura was the masculine name I made, and in my imagination, it's both the family and personal name in one word. I just sorta started using it for other accounts after that because I REALLY liked the name. Eventually I grew up and started using my last name and initials for everything professional, but I still use Misasura for gaming and the occasional character.

My story is kinda weird but simple.

When i first made my mc account it was gonna be named something else completely different i dont remember the name though and when i went to type in the username and password the username didn't work so i went and used my email to find out what happened and i found out that somehow my name turned into icepie1 i didn't like the name at first, but it grew on me it really started to grow on me when i was on a factions server and my nickname gived to me by my faction leader called me ice so i kept using it for everything

I'm over 6'10....and I'm a big teddy bear..../story.

It was 2010, so I was either 10 or 11 when I came up with my name. This was way at the beginning of my gaming career. I started to play this game called "Atlantica Online" it was a very simple game that gets on your nerves rather quickly. The first character I created was a mage. I firstly intended for my character to be "Ry Cass." Ry for Ryan and Cass for Cassandra(witch is my sisters name) I soon found out she had no interest in the game so I ended up changing my name. I liked the way Rycass rolled off the tongue so i soon changed it to cast after thinking "Hmmm cast.... magic... cast... Yes!"
My secondary nick name that I have is Kinbera, witch doesn't have much of a story, just wanted to find a name that would fluently roll off the tongue. I liked it so I have used it on many games. Rycast will always be my main username though.

Here goes the story its not very big but oh well so I'll tell you my first username, NingaDog11, so I just started minecraft one night and I was thinking before that what should my name be oh hey it should be NinjaDog11 and the Dog part was because I like dogs and I act like one and the Ninja part was because well who wouldn't and the 11 part was because I was 11 when I got to create and got minecraft at first then I made my name downloaded minecraft and texted my friends saying hey I got minecraft but there was something coming up for me I accidentally spelled my name like NingaDog11 and I couldn't change so I was like dangit! Then I changed it to NinjaDog11 because I wanted to keep it like that but later I realized I need something better something like people do now a days so I went to DoggyMC the Doggy because that was my nickname on the server and the MC for well minecraft. And there you have it that is the story behind my name!


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