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Author Topic: Lin's Post - Getting hard? Losing patience? Please read!  (Read 13150 times)


Lin's Post - Getting hard? Losing patience? Please read!
« on: January 06, 2017, 04:08:39 AM »
Let me just say, that I respect all players, until I catch them cheating, especially at the minigames that are designed to reward players for having dedication.
I like to play the game, I don't like to be mean, but I will do what I must do in order to ensure that everybody has a fair chance.  I do this because I care about the server, and I will punish anybody that attempts to cheat, I don't care how much I like them.  I apologize if the players that I have banned feel upset about it, but think about it like this, there are many things that I won't do on this server, that are allowed (at the moment) because they feel like cheating to me.  Therefore, when I find someone cheating in a grandiose violation of the rules, I will tempban them in an instant and pass the news onto admins for them to decide what punishment is appropriate.

But what exactly is considered cheating?

First of all, if it breaks the rules, ANY of them (not ALL).  Lately there has been a surge of people using flyhack.  This is not acceptable!  However, lets go over the full list:
  • Hacking (such as flyhack)
  • Exploiting (such as using bugs/glitches to duplicate emeralds or hiding away +HP armor to have 10,000 HP with the glitch)
  • Block-Jumping (using a block to jump along a wall or anywhere that you can't normally reach)
  • Island Farming (creating an island, farming all the dirt/iron/sand off it, putting in an enderchest, and then restarting again)
  • Unethical Parties (inviting people to your party, using them, and then kicking them to the curb)
  • Griefing (we advertise to be cautious about who joins your party, but staff do watch out for these jerks)
  • ETC (you should be getting the idea)

But the parkour maps are extremely hard and it isn't fair!

Life isn't fair, but that isn't what you want to hear is it?  Think about it this way, there are some people that spend HOURS doing parkour, losing patience, and leaving the computer for a bit before coming back to finish the map.  Yes, the rewards are nice, but they are meant to be REWARDS and not FREEBIES.  If we wanted to give such elaborate things to players as freebies, they would be vote rewards, and indeed we do give out good gifts to those who vote.  However, the goal of the system is to have a sense of balance to where it isn't super easy to be #1 because everyone wants to be #1 at something.  We have multiple ways to be #1.  However, getting to be #1 as far as server money goes, takes a lot of time, effort, and patience (or, for now, enough real money to pay the server's bills for a few months).  If you want to get ahead the current legal way, help support the server!  You can get to #1 in just about anything by supporting us with donations (for now, until the new EULA takes effect).  However, it is not acceptable to cheat to get what you want.

Let me put it this way:  I personally, hate the parkour maps SO MUCH that I rarely ever do them.  How do I get money and have an awesome island? I work for it, hard.  I sell iron for cheap just to buy my /perks.  I don't have the patience for parkour and I know it, I do archer dungeon every day and occasionally do diamond parkour, because it is the only one that doesn't make me want to murder Bingo with a rusted sewing needle. (Love you Bingo :D)

I won't get caught!

You will get caught, you will be punished, and your ill-gotten gains will be erased!  We utilize a massive array of methods to detect cheating.  Here are a couple examples:
  • Alert staff (keeping an eye on parkour more than the NSA is reading the X's and O's on your text messages)
  • Logging (the plugin logs the amount of time it takes to complete a parkour, not just the whole map, but EVERY SINGLE JUMP, if you go from block A to reward chest without hitting the checkpoints, it will be in the log)

Now obviously, we aren't going to alert you to our full bag of tricks to catching players, but we have many more, the server logs more than just parkour maps.  So many logs, and we do NOT want to go through them, but if we need evidence to prove a cheater guilty, we will.  Our primary source of evidence are screenshots, and they are logged in a special section of the forums for staff only.

Am I being watched all the time?

Most likely not.  Staff may occasionally check in on players, if everything seems normal, we usually go back to doing our own thing (like fighting over who has the biggest/prettiest/greatest island or whose shop has the cheapest prices).  However, if we decide to divide our attention (watch TV, eat, or something else) we may afk in a parkour map.  However, if there is any reason to suspect a player of cheating, we will alert other staff, and somebody will watch your every move until we are sure that you are not.  It can sometimes take a while to provide clear and definite proof that a player is cheating before action is taken, but if that proof is obtained, justice will be dished out faster than <insert inappropriate joke about speed here>.


Now, before I give you the wrong impression, we are not heartless.  We do not want to find cheaters, we hope that people will love the server so much that they don't want to cheat.  However, this isn't always the case.  If a player claims someone is cheating, or if staff witness it, we are forced to act, to preserve the order that enables us to all have a fair chance.  We do have a heart though, and that is why perma bans are RARE.  The most common punishment is a temporary ban, to give the player time to reflect on what they have done.  If the player can come back, and play like normal, they may gradually earn our respect back.

If you discover an exploit, cheat, or anything that gives someone an unfair advantage, and you let staff know, we will thank you for it (and maybe you'll even get a little reward for your trouble).  There are even some things that may be considered exploits, that we allow, just ask a staff member if something is allowed and we will do our best to let you know!  (A good example of this is afk farming items/skills like with a mob farm).  We aren't perfect law-keepers, we want to play too :(.  We serve as staff because we love the server, and want to keep it nice for other players that may come along.  Please understand that we like to play the game too, and when we have to follow around someone to collect evidence of cheating, we may get a little grumpy, because we'd rather be playing ourselves (instead of finishing my chicken coop, I'm on here writing a thread about cheating because there have been quite a few violations recently).

If you are banned, you are always welcome to file an appeal, and it may be approved, but this is on a case-by-case basis.  Usually if a person is honest, nice, and can show some level of empathy, we may lighten up the punishment.   We are players too, and getting upset at us because we had to stop having fun and deal with you doesn't make us any happier :(.

Final Note:

Please play fair!  Players that respect the rules, and play the game as it was meant to be enjoyed, will always be welcome and respected.  Cheating isn't worth losing our respect and possibly getting hard earned stats/money/items erased.  We all know that you want to prove how awesome you are, and the best way you can do this, is to play by the rules, because nobody is more awesome, than those that appreciate the services we provide and the effort the staff put into making this an enjoyable experience for you..... except for Bingo, I think he likes to see people suffer with those parkour maps :P (just kidding.... or am I?).


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