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Author Topic: Notice to Community about Ban Appeals!  (Read 3119 times)


Notice to Community about Ban Appeals!
« on: January 07, 2017, 09:29:45 PM »

Ban Appeals are between the player that was banned and the staff. These are left open and view-able for the community to see because we want everyone to be able to see that we try to be fair in how we handle these appeals. This process is known as transparency. It helps to ensure that staff are not acting on bias or some level of corruption but instead keeping things fair, which is something I believe greatly in.

In almost all cases, if you managed to get banned, you have earned it. We do not just arbitrarily decide you need to be banned because we didn't like something you said that day or you had a skin we didn't like (though if you were using a truly offensive skin, a staff member may approach you concerning it).

We left the ban appeal section open so everyone could post in it. This serves a couple of purposes. This again allows us to have the ban appeals view-able by all instead of making it a form that is submitted to us and kept strictly between player and staff. The biggest reason to allow players to be able to post is so they can also present evidence either for or against a player that is appealing. Sometimes, players have additional screenshots and logs from their personal clients that can be submitted as additional evidence in a particular ban appeal. This is not for players to post their OPINIONS on how staff should handle the appeal. As players, we ask for your feedback in many areas, but ban appeals are not one of those except to provide evidence. Sometimes that evidence could be incriminating, sometimes it could be to help prove the player's innocence. Either way, we want that. But we do NOT need players telling us that they don't THINK someone should have been banned for what they posted in their appeal. In many of these cases, the person submitting the appeal has left out a LOT of detail. Either that the offense they are posting was only their last in a long line of issues or they are listing the smaller things they did and completely omitting the BIGGER things that they were caught doing and really banned for from the server.

Usually, if you give staff time to reply, you will find out more detail on the offense, especially if I am the one replying. I normally will try to find the staff member who did the banning (if it wasn't me) or locate the report on the ban and pull up the details. Once I have all the information about the ban, I will reply with not only the decision about the ban appeal but usually will shed more light onto why the player was banned (in cases where they didn't fully admit all the issues we had with them). This is done to help players understand the nature of that player's ban and the decision that staff reached.



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