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Author Topic: Mob Spawners on Skyblocks  (Read 13624 times)


Mob Spawners on Skyblocks
« on: January 07, 2017, 09:10:43 PM »

I am writing this because a number of players seem to be mention/suggest adding spawners so I want to address this subject for all the players interested in why we haven't and probably never will add them to the server.

Please remember that this server was designed to be a challenge. Also, the natural mob spawn rate on the server is lower than your default settings. This helps to reduce lag, provide better survivability on your island, and creates more of a challenge when it comes to completing the challenges.

Mob Spawners take away from all of these things, causing the game balance to be skewed and making things easier. You are able to kill more mobs, gain more xp/levels making it easier to enchant items, and gain mob drops at a very increased rate. If not properly set up for auto-killing, can overpopulate an area creating a massive amount of lag that can affect the entire server. Also, since players gain currency for killing mobs, this would also provide a method players could abuse to gain a lot of currency in game.

If you want more mobs, you can build a traditional mob farm. I recommend the more traditional versions over the ones that use redstone and clocks to automate the process of clearing the platform(s) because with the reduced spawn rate they don't work as well as the traditional ones. Youtube has a lot of great Minecraft tutorials on how to build farms. If you are just wanting to get the loot, try adventuring through the dungeons.

Please understand that we have thought about the pros and cons, but mob spawners do not fit into our vision of what we want for the server or the challenge we want to provide our players. This includes selling them at spawn, giving them out as prizes, or making them available as loot from dungeons or parkour.


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