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Author Topic: Skyblocks Holiday Guide  (Read 23786 times)


Skyblocks Holiday Guide
« on: January 07, 2017, 07:29:56 PM »
I've written this title and chest guide for you all to enjoy and take advantage of all the holiday goodies we've provided for you!

Holiday Title Guide
Just can't find the last few holiday tags? Have no fear! It's Christmastime so we're feeling generous. Here's a guide to hunting those titles! All of them can be found thru /holiday, but where do you go from there?!

What tags are available, you ask? Here's a list!
Santa's Reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph
Other Holiday Tags: Jolly, Frozen, Candy, Scrooge, Grinch, Santa, Elf, Solstice, Kinara, Dreidel

Main /holiday area:
Solstice - Parkour up the wreath. The sign is above it.
Dasher - Go thru the zombie head doorway. Look on the back of the Death snowman.
Scrooge - Walk thru the water portal past the fountain. Look left on the wall.
Vixen - Thru the enderman head doorway, look on top of the redstone block surrounded with flowers.
Dancer - /holidaywarp and look to the right in the cubby.
Cupid - Inside the room on the other side of the fountain near /holidaywarp, look above the fireplace.
Comet - Get on the bench near the tiny xmas tree. Jump to the tree, then jump to the ladder on the Netherbrick. Walk down to the end and look up. The sign is on a pillar.

Ice Castle:
Frozen - On the trunk of the tree
Prancer - Use the elevator signs straight past the tree to go up 3 times. Go to the stairs. Double sprint jump off the stairs to the cobble wall to the tree.

Ice Skating:
Jolly As soon as you warp in, turn around.
Donner Click the other sign to get underneath the ice. Turn around and click the sign.

Advent Calendar:
Santa - A sign on Santa's Sleigh
Blitzen - Push the button on the reindeer's eye closest to the sleigh
Rudolph - Push Rudolph's right eye button

Holiday Room:
Elf - In front of you on a green sign as soon as you go in.

Gifting Tree:
Candy - Inside the gingerbread house on the doorframe.
Grinch - Go behind the gifting tree, and climb down the ladder of it's trunk. Title sign is in the giant present box at the end of the present parkour.
Dreidel - Inside the Dreidel at the end of the dreidel parkour.
Kinara - Jump to the highest candle on the kinara, then drop down where you see the sign.

Holiday Chest Guide
Advent Calendar: Of course, there are the 12 Advent chests. There is a chest on the sleigh, and one on the tree. Parkour to get to them! There's a chance to get a Nether Star from the tree chest.
Gifting Tree: There is a chest under the tree. Then in the back of the tree, there's a ladder down. There is one chest at the end of the parkour inside the giant present.
Ice Castle: Just like with the Prancer title, use the elevator 3 times then hop over to the tree to loot the chest. Then go to the roof, to the NorthEast corner platform. Click the sign. Loot the chest inside the beacon.


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