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Author Topic: Ultimate Skyblock Server Suggestions - Retired  (Read 51768 times)


Ultimate Skyblock Server Suggestions - Retired
« on: January 07, 2017, 09:17:54 PM »
These were suggestions for the Ultimate Skyblock Server. Keeping around for ideas for Epic Skyblock. Will make a new thread for ESB when it releases.

Any suggestions related to the Ultimate Skyblock server can go in this thread! Such as..

Parkour, perks, events, donation store, spawn shop, holiday related, etc.

Dungeons - Maps, mobs, loot.

Competitions - Try to include as much information as possible. The theme, any rules that apply, requirements, etc!

Challenges - If you can, include the title, requirements, if it's repeatable or not, first time rewards, and if there are repeatable rewards and what they are.
Challenge Name:
First Time Rewards:
Repeatable Rewards:

Some ideas suggested from the previous threads:

Purchase XP levels with in-game money
Purchase custom tags with Vote Tokens.

volcano based dungeon, with blazes and wither skellies

Most of the good loot from bosses are weapon based , can we add iron ignots,or emeralds to the mix? Since not many people buy weapons

Make a Abandoned Village map for dungeons,make the 2 basic mobs Spiders and Cave Spiders,and the Boss should be a Zombie King,the Zombie King should be located in a Castle at the Side of the Village.And the other boss should be a Spider King located in a Giant Web in the Center of the Village.

Haunted House map!With Cave spiders and Zombies!One of the bosses should be at the top of the house.The other boss would be on floor -2!

Maybe add more weapon types! Like maybe enchanted iron ingots for brass knuckles, or shovels for maces! And of course, hoes for scythes!

I would love to see a huge, multi-level (like 5 or more) dungeon with piston-hidden treasure rooms. Throw in some major bosses and mobs (most doing ranged attacks) and make it so one can NOT solo it, even in full diamond armor. You could disable the mobs and treasure chests for a good event location too.

snow themed map. Maybe a deserted snow-covered village of some sort or power station?

Loot chests with 24hr reset time.

Small reward chests with 24hr reset time with simple items. Plants, saplings, blocks, random ingots.

Suggested plugins - LokiDungeon, EpicBoss, and Instances

like the movie FROZEN or something like that. One of the bosses could be that giant snow golem Elsa made and the monster, an evil olaf.

This idea by snake901.

This idea by RetroGamerChick.

Ray's idea for the Dungeon Guide (/ft)

Misa/Alice expanding on that.

Staff dungeon.

Mob names:
General of Hell's Armies
Lord Crispiness
Duke of Deep-Fried
Sultan of Sizzling
Emir of Ooey-Gooey

A dark forest map with Dire Wolves as the enemies, Obviously there'd be the Alpha Wolf as a boss, but a witches coven hidden on the map with the coven leader as a second boss.

Donation Store
MCMMO levels
Decoration item pack - Vines, ferns, dead bushes, flowers, lilypads, etc.
EchoPet / Other Pet Plugin
Disco Armor

Challenge Name: Carnivore.
Requirements: 64 Cooked Porkchops, 64 Steaks, 64 Cooked Chicken, 64 Cooked Rabbit, 64 Cooked Mutton.
Repeatable: Yes.
First Time Rewards: [carnivore] Tag, a Horse spawn egg, Diamond Barding.
Repeatable Rewards: Random animal spawn egg and a Saddle.
^Also possible to add mutton.

Challenge Name: Wolf/Dog Tamer
Requirements: 10 dogs spawned in if that's possible if not then 10 spawn eggs in hand
First Time Rewards: Dog Tamer Tag, 32 Bones, 1 Wolf Spawn Egg

Challenge Name: Cat Lady
Requirements: Have 10 tamed cats on your island.
Rewards: [cat lady] tag, Chicken Eggs (not spawn eggs), Creeper Egg(s)

Challenge Name: Horse Whisperer
Requirements: Have 10 tamed horses on your island.
Rewards: [horse whisperer] tag, Lead(s), Golden Apple(s)

Challenge Name: "Ice Ice Baby" or maybe "Cold Hearted"
Requirements: 8 Snow, 8 Ice
Repeatable: Yes.
First Time Rewards: 8 Packed Ice
Repeatable Rewards: 1 Packed Ice

Challenge Name: Natures Rainbow
Requirements: 16 of every stained clay color

Thanksgiving, free food for everyone all day at special thanksgiving location :3

1. Let players disguise as common mobs like Zombies and Skeletons.
2. Have a maze (using Haybales as the walls).
3. Scavenger hunt Find Jack-o-lanterns and get goodies.
4. Secret title (Like... [spooky] or [scary]?)
5. Haunted House Dungeon
6. "Nether" Parkour. Using things like soul sand where ice is normally used, stationary lava where floating water blocks would be, and other bits of nastiness.

temple made out of stone bricks... have some vines the people go up and have some ladder parkour in there, and have 3 checkpoints

jungle parkour

Race Parkour maps. Like, you get X people into the course, and the goal is the first to make it to the end gets the big prize while the runners up get the booby prize.

Cooperative Courses, where to make it through you need at least two people to activate triggers and such.

Independence Day (July 4) - Red white and blue! Be patriotic!
Air balloon
3D Art
Pixel Art
Amusement Park
Scale Models
Secret Bases
Warp Area
"Lego" Castle
Redstone Contraption
Staff Shrines (or just pick your favorite staff member and make a shrine for them)
Map art
Creative home interior designs
Villages revisited
Castles revisited

Perk familiar terrain 1,2,& 3. Each level decreases fall damage by 25%. 1: 25% 2: 50% 3: 75%
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Re: Skyblocks Server Suggestions - Post Here!
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2017, 09:56:13 PM »

Dungeon Ideas
Dungeon build ideas, mobs, themed dungeons..

Dungeon Ideas
Regular /dun for regular dungeons. Go thru fake nether portal to go to a nethery lobby that has nether themed dungeons for a whole different set. nether portal above the lake? witch had a ritual to summon a portal or something.
sounds and smells messages with area triggers.. greeting/farewell flags.
open a chest (mimic!) spawn a mob/zombie. mix in with other chests with small treasure in an abandoned treasure room in a dungeon. trapped chests that actually do effects.

Zelda dungeon - Falini
Sprinkles Dungeon still needs mobs.
Monty Python dungeon with evil white bunnies! Zombies with iron armor for Knights who say Ni, etc.
Alice in Wonderland
Spider dungeon. Spider Queen boss, the other kind of spider for normal mobs. Cobwebbed lair. Change the Cathedral boss to a Skeleton.
Staff Dungeon
Dungeon that starts on Earth, ascend to Heaven's gates, then plunge into the pits of Hell. 9 levels of Hell.
Sewer dungeon, get quest from sewer secret npc to bring back a slime boss drop from it (or other idea)
Game of Thrones dungeon. Build the wall, go north. Zombie+Skeleton riders. (on Zombie and Skeleton horses)
Skyrim themed dungeon.
Fallout theme.
Harry Potter - mobs hold wans (sticks) shout out spells
Lord of the Flies
PAC man
Mario theme
Fairy village. Giant mushrooms, exp orb mobs, arrow and egg mobs, etc.
Reverse prophunt.
Note: Try to think of puzzle rooms, or moving parts! Something interesting!

Dungeon Lobby/Warps
Add a dummy permission to the player when they right click the warp sign in the dungeon lobby. Then they can use a command to directly warp there. If they haven't clicked the sign and don't have that permission, they cannot use the direct command.
This would make the players have to find the warp signs in the lobby before being able to fast travel there.
Custom commands like /archerdungeon /cathedral /labyrinth

Need one last area built in the lobby. Over by the fishing hut, there's a ladder going down behind a tree. We could put something there.

Parkour Ideas
Ideas for parkour maps or rewards.

Parkour Ideas
Themed sets of parkour!
Heaven, Hell, Limbo, Purgatory, Underworld
Blocks, Ladder, Water, Fence, Special (Parkour blocks. Obsidian, Emerald, Etc)
Rainbowy maps.. If Nyan is finished, that can be Unique one.
Ores set. Diamond, add in Redstone and Gold one that Knight made, make others.

TETRIS parkour! With pressure plates that do the music theme as you progress thru the parkour (I can do this thru VT)
Horrible made a Dropper map, doesn't work right with parkour plugin. Do something with VT or another plugin so we can have Dropper courses.

Maybe at some point we can take advantage of the Parkour Exp and Levels.

Fun Ideas
Anything random and fun that don't really fit anywhere else.

Fun Ideas
Script a TriviaBot NPC that gives a limited amount of money for answering questions. Money refills every X hours. Or a Trivia Plugin.

Spawn scavenger hunt. I've done a few myself, but could have monthly hunts or something. Or maybe a plugin.

Wild Emeralds - A random location will be chosen at spawn for a wild emerald to appear. A unique broadcast would go off informing the players that are online at that time to go hunt it down. Operation would repeat several times in one day or at specified times.

NPC Quest Ideas
Ideas on any quests for non-survival.

NPC Quest Ideas
Skyblocks Sewers Quest:
Quest from TMNT to search the sewers for Thieves. Player skin mobs to kill? If not, just go find their loot and bring back TMNT a certain item. Keep rest of loot.

Skyblocks Dungeon Lobby Quest:
Paul_Tergeist is a ghost in the crypt. Gives a story how one of the bosses in the dungeon killed him and has his remains. He cannot rest in peace without them properly buried in the tomb. Bone item named Paul_Tergeist's Remains, drop from one of the boss.
Or, put a sign in the crypt room that goes to a mini dungeon where his remains are hidden or dropped off a mini-boss there.

hp0penwiew's idea: Skyblocks Spawn Lobby Quest:
Clumsy_Smurf is a new player who recently lost his chest full of items to the void. In return for everything he lost (the items found in the beginner chest), he will reward the player a sum taken from the money he received when he first joined.
I am drawing a blank as to how we could prevent new players from taking their chest and giving it to this NPC.

Horrible's idea: Spawn Party Room Quest: Bring to the Party Animal 5 cakes and 1 firework, Reward: 2 Nauseous Potions renamed to (fill in the blank alcoholic beverage)

PVP Ideas
Anything that has to do with PVP. Arenas, plugins, in survival, etc.

PVP Ideas
Whimsyshire/Whimsydale themed PVP Arenas and Spleef arenas (Diablo 3)
Name idea and to base alliances off of: Ravnica from Magic the Gathering.
RPG styled Factions. Basically what it is is that when a player joins he must chose between 2-4 Alliances to join. Each Alliance is at war with one another and are constantly fighting.

Throughout the world there will be quests for each specific Alliance to try to undermine the other Alliances such as kill 25 members of the other Alliances. The Alliances will be the only factions available to join and players cannot make their own faction in order to make this work.

There can be "Safe Zones" where its Neutral ground and players cannot fight and can visit stores, start quests, team up with members of their alliance, or meet with other alliance members and team up temporarily if they choose to trust each other. Safe Zones could also be an entire city like we might have in Survival, and each Alliance can have their own city where other alliances can go if they dare.

Members of each Alliance can get the Alliance name as a Title so that people can tell who is with who. (Maybe a title above their head as well kinda like the Donor, Helper, Mod, and Admin titles so that you can tell who is who when out in the world).

Donor Ideas
Donor perk ideas, or places on the server for them.

Donor Ideas
Move "/back" to Gold+? Is a powerful perk for dungeon running. Death's decision.
Blueprint Builder needs to be finished up, for Obsidian+
EchoPet. Member+ could have a few basic ones (Wolf, cat) then as the donor ranks go up, you get more pets. Turn off ability to fly. Maybe have the pets attack for higher donor ranks.

Other Ideas
Stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else

Other Ideas
For the Nether, there could be a button on /donorisland that sends you to the Nether in that spawn room, but check with VT (if possible?) to require the permissions that you've completed Adeptbuilder (That's the challenge that gives you 10 Obsidian to make your own portal)
Maybe add permission to the nether portal challenge reward. Put the Nether Spawn that Fal made near her plot where the /spawn skyblocks island's nether portal goes. This way, no one's spot is taken.

Musical Island for fun. Maybe as one of the spawn secret Easter Eggs.

Holiday Ideas
Anything that specifically deals with holidays!

Holiday Ideas
Holiday themed parkour, explorable maps, goodie chests, build competitions..

November 20-30 ~ Thanksgiving/Autumn
Parkour: Turkey statues, big turkey in middle where loot chest is? Food, cornucopia, fall stuff, big leaves made out of wool/clay, orange/red/yellow/brown. Just ideas and notes.

December 30-January 1 ~ New Years events (Fireworks show, goodie chest, drop party, ball drop with VT?)
April .. April Fool's, Easter
May .. Spring flowery
July .. Independence Day
August .. Summer type parkour?


Re: Skyblocks Server Suggestions - Post Here!
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2017, 01:14:55 PM »
Similar to how Survival has multiple color [Donor] tags, I think it would be neat if Skyblocks did too! One for each rank. There is already a green [Donor] that comes with Grass, so add a gray one for Iron, gold for Gold, other combo green for Emerald, blue for Diamond, and purple Obsidian.

Add a button to /perks menu for players to click to see which light eater rank they have, or if they have any.
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Re: Skyblocks Server Suggestions - Post Here!
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2017, 06:27:47 PM »
To have /pweather clear, I think it would be handy to have it, especially that rain is quite annoying.


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Re: Skyblocks Server Suggestions - Post Here!
« Reply #4 on: July 21, 2017, 02:36:45 AM »
I was thinking of a Parkour map from the Supercell game Clash Royale.
It is a map where you parkour over the Arenas (1 - 11 ) and it would be a long parkour map.


Re: Skyblocks Server Suggestions - Post Here!
« Reply #5 on: September 27, 2017, 09:55:14 AM »
A command to get the corner co-ordinates of your island and its size
that would look something like

An idea for the site
Get the info from the /is info command but then on the site display only the block counts and make the ability to sort by type or maybe to search for a block type (you could try something similar to the mcmmo stats and only pull the data daily)


Re: Skyblocks Server Suggestions - Post Here!
« Reply #6 on: October 04, 2017, 11:04:49 AM »
As we currently have fly on skyblock with time limitations i suggest (if possible) for the ability to be accessible within the nether and the end, but your time would deplete 2x, 3x or maybe even 5x faster than your usual skyworld rates.


Re: Skyblocks Server Suggestions - Post Here!
« Reply #7 on: November 18, 2017, 02:39:09 PM »
We currently have the ability to change player time, which I absolutely love. I use mainly to set the time back to day every time night comes around, which brings me to my request. If we had the ability to lock our player time, or even to lock the weather, it would be great!



Re: Skyblocks Server Suggestions - Post Here!
« Reply #8 on: February 01, 2018, 03:03:15 PM »
Hey there! I've come to propose an addition to the Admin(Server) Shop! As of currently, the only ways to get ghast tears, that I know of, are fishing and just killing ghasts in the nether. Fishing for ghast tears is only really effective when afk fishing, which is no longer possible. Going to the nether on the hunt for ghast tears is nearly impossible since their spawning is few and far between. I would like ghast tears to be added to the server shop!


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