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Author Topic: Titles/Tags Suggestions - Skyblocks  (Read 27306 times)


Titles/Tags Suggestions - Skyblocks
« on: January 07, 2017, 09:23:25 PM »
What other tags would you like to see available for purchase in the /perks shop?

Previous suggestions:
Skyblock Master
Fortune Maker

[Ninja] Title in &8. Comes with an iron sword named "Katana" and a Potion of invisibility that is named "Cloaking Device". Can be bought for the same amount as Rogue ($12,000).

[FallenAngel] Title in &4. Comes with (player who buys the title.. their head), a leather cap that is dyed red and is named in &4 "Devil's Crown". Can be bought for $50,000. (Because of head)

[Saint] Title in &f. Comes with a randomly enchanted book, and comes with an iron sword named "Holy Grail". Can be bought for $25,000.
[Builder](sort of like Architect but has better rewards) Such as 2 stacks of Stone, an enchanted iron pickaxe (enchants: Silk Touch 1, Unbreaking 3), and 32 glass. Can be bought for $50,000.

[Beast] (This is a special suggestion that came from a player lol..) Title in &4. Comes with a diamond sword named "BeastKiller" and comes with an axe named "Beheader" with 3 enchants (enchants: Sharpness 4, Fire aspect 2, and knockback 1). Can be bought for $100,000.

[Angel]. Title in &9. Comes with 1 hour(s) of /fly time, and also comes with a leather cap thats dyed white/gray and is named "God's Creation".
Can be bought for $50,000

[Pirate]Title in &6. Comes with an iron sword named "Cutlass" and a leather cap thats dyed Black and is named "Pirate Cap". Can be bought for $5,000.

[Hybrid]Title in &7. Comes with an Diamond Sword, Bow, 16 Arrows, and a Potion of Instant Health 2. Can be bought for $15,000.

[Executioner]Title in &4. Comes with a Diamond Sword named "Guillotine" with the (enchant: Sharpness 3)

Prince in &b
Princess in &d
Doctor in &9
Nurse in &5
Maestro in &6. Comes with Disc 13 and a few NoteBlocks. Make the title cost like $5k. or add it to maestro challenge reward


Master skill titles for each MCMMO Skill. Requirement is you reach 1,000 levels in the skill.
Apprentice skill titles for each MCMMO Skill. Requirement is you reach 500 levels in the skill.

MCMMO List In Progress
Herbalism, Fishing, Mining, Smelting, Repair, Woodcutting, Archery, Excavation, Alchemy, Swords, Acrobatics, Unarmed, Axes, Taming

Master Herbalist
Master Fisher
Master Miner
Master Smelter
Master Blacksmith (Repair)
Master Lumberjack
Master Ranger (Archery)
Master Landscaper (Excavation)
Master Alchemist
Master Swordsman
Olympian (Acrobatics)
Master Brawler (Unarmed)
Axe Murderer (Axes)
Master Druid (Taming)

Apprentice Herbalist
Apprentice Fisher
Apprentice Miner
Apprentice Smelter
Apprentice Blacksmith
Apprentice Lumberjack
Apprentice Ranger
Apprentice Landscaper
Apprentice Alchemist
Apprentice Swordsman
Apprentice Acrobatic
Apprentice Brawler
Beast Master (Taming)
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Tag suggestion The Manly/The Womanly
« Reply #1 on: March 06, 2018, 12:18:33 AM »
I think it would be cool to receive the tags: (The Manly / The Womanly) for completing The Man in the Maze Parkour Maze.
-color options are up for discussion-


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