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Author Topic: Helper Application Guidelines  (Read 26821 times)


Helper Application Guidelines
« on: January 09, 2017, 04:08:44 PM »
Make sure you follow these guidelines:
Before posting, think about are you the most qualified player to post an application? You don't have to be the number one player on the server to be accepted as a helper, but you should have a general idea of how stuff works.

If you are not well liked among the other members of the server, applying would be useless. A helper is a person who is respected among the server, not because of his title, but because they have earned it from the other players.

If you were to be accepted as a helper you acknowledge that you may never be promoted to a moderator or admin.

Once you have submitted your Application, please be patient.  Your application will be reviewed by our staff.  You will only receive a response if you are selected to fulfill a Helper position.  Only apply once.
Do NOT ask about your application, here on the forums or in game.

We don't give a negative response for a couple reasons:
-  Sometimes we are not as familiar with the player or you are a newer player and we want to observe
-  We may believe you are not ready to fulfill the role as a member of our staff yet, but you may in time demonstrate the qualities we seek.
-  We don't want to have to answer the constant questions about why someone was turned down as a staff member.

We use the applications of those who have submitted to keep an eye on those who have shown interests in becoming a staff member.  While we may not immediately invite you to join as a member of our staff, we may approach you at a later time to see if you are still interested if we feel you demonstrate the qualities we are seeking.

Helper Duties:
Please note that the primary job of a Helper is helping players.  This doesn't mean joining a player's island and building for them but instead trying to answer questions about how to do something relating to in-game commands, questions about rules, and pointing players to resources that we have made available for them.  Such resources include the Tutorials thread, FAQ thread, and new threads that we may post relating to server happenings or upcoming events.  While you may be asked for other duties, these are some of the basic things we expect our Helpers to be able to do.

This job is important.   Higher level staff need this support so they are able to focus on other tasks.

Helper Perks:
  • Custom Plot on Creative Server to use for contributing builds for network.
  • Tab name will display as light green to all.
  • will be displayed on hover of name in global chat.
  • Access to Staff Chat channel. /sc <msg>/sctoggle.
  • Access to /kick and /tempmute.
* Helpers are given access to /kick and /tempmute in the event of a player that needs to be dealt with when no other Staff member is available.
These commands have their actions logged and abuse will result in demotion of rank.

You may apply for Helper here.
*Note: Please do not try to do this from a mobile browser. Must be done from a computer.
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