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Author Topic: Minecraft Mods  (Read 57956 times)


Minecraft Mods
« on: January 06, 2017, 04:13:20 AM »
First, I will cover what isn't allowed.  Any mod that is going to allow you to have an advantage over another player.  This includes, but is not limited to, Nuker, Fly, Spider Climb, X-Ray, Fullbright/GammaBright, etc.  These can sometimes be found as individual mods and are also usually included in hacked clients such as Nodus.  This also includes external things like bots and other forms of scripting/automation.

ALL mods MUST be approved before use.
Please note that using any Mod that is not approved (even if it doesn't provide any type of advantage) is against the rules and is a ban-able offense. 
Please note that this list is for the SERVER, not per World.

Make sure that when you are downloading mods to use, that you download the version that corresponds correctly to the version of Minecraft client you are running.  Using an incorrect version can cause you to crash or have other problems.

*****   UPDATE:  Effective Date:  June 2022   *****   
Due to the age of this list, we are resetting it.  A short list will be started here but any additional ones you would like to have added need to be requested below in the forums.  The format for request will be listed at the end of this post.
MultiMC is allowed and even recommended if you have multiple servers and different clients.  It can handle switching between accounts, installs multiple instances so you can keep your mods separated out based on servers

Approved Mod Loaders
Fabric + Fabric API mod

Shaders are allowed
Optifine and Iris (for Fabric) for Shader support

Performance improving mods
Iris Shaders(Fabric)
Sodium (Fabric)
Reese's Sodium Options (Fabric)
Sodium Extra (Fabric)
Phosphor (Fabric)
Magnesium (Port of Sodium to Forge)
Phosphor (Forge)
Bedrodium (Fabric)
CIT Resewn (Fabric)
Lithium (Fabric)

Other Mods

MiniHUD Mod (Fabric)
MaLiLib (Fabric)
Inventory HUD + (Fabric or Forge)
Mouse Tweaks (Fabric or Forge)
AppleSkin (Fabric or Forge)
Horse Stats Vanilla (Fabric)
Horse Stats Mod (Forge)
AntiGhost (Fabric)
Architectury API (Fabric or Forge)
Armor Points ++ (Fabric or Forge)
AtrributeFix (Fabric or Forge) - Allowed just so folks don't need to worry about removing it when playing on the server.  This mod should have no impact while playing DoD Network
ClickThrough (Fabric)
Cloth Config API
Cull Leaves (Fabric)
Durability101 (Fabric or Forge)
kennytvs-epic-force-close-loading-screen-mod (Fabric)
I know what I'm doing Mod (Fabric)
Krypton (Fabric)
LazyDFU (Fabric)
ModMenu (Fabric)
Mod Settings (Fabric)
MoreCulling (Fabric)
MouserateFramerate (Fabric)
Pet Owner (Fabric)
Practical Barrels (Fabric)
Scrollable Tooltips (Fabric)
Skin Swapper (Fabric) -  Allowed for purposes of switching skins only.
Skip Transitions (Fabric)
Stack Refill (Fabric)
Collective (Fabric)

Mods that won't be allowed:

Any TYPE of mini-map
Damage Indicator Mods
Fly Hacks
Auto Fishing Mods

If you have any other Mods that you would like to have considered for approval, please see below how to post a mod review request and we will review them as we can.  Please check this original post as I will update it with any new mods that we allow for players.  Also check the posts of other players to see if they have already requested the mod you are wanting to know about.  If it has already been listed, please do not list it again. 
To request a mod review, please supply the following information for each Mod.  You can submit multiple mods in a request post.

  • Name of Mod
  • Mod Loader it is available for/that you are requesting
  • A Link to the mod page
  • Short description of the mod
Any mod requests that do not follow this format will not be evaluated or approved.
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Re: Minecraft Mods
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2022, 02:15:57 PM »
I possess a list of mods in use for multiplayer server compatibility, and was requested to post a screenshot here.


Re: Minecraft Mods
« Reply #2 on: June 20, 2022, 03:42:04 PM »
Hi Madotsuki,

This post has been updated as the Mods list was a bit outdated.  We have also updated the mod review request process.  Please review the information in the original post and re-submit your request using the above format.


Re: Minecraft Mods
« Reply #3 on: June 21, 2022, 01:26:17 AM »
The following mods are available for Fabric, and I would like them approved:

Antighost - Facilitates the removal of ghost blocks.

Appleskin - Augments the hunger HUD.

Architectury API - API/library

ArmorPoints - Provides more details regarding armour in HUD.

AttributeFix - Irrelevant to this server, but patches certain caps in data, if any modification to an object exceeds them.

Authme - Reverifies player login in-game.

Bedrodium - Culls invisible sides of bedrock.

BuildGuide - Renders ghost shapes for assistance in building. No schematics involved.

CIT Resewn - Custom items textures mod, most likely unused by the server, but useful elsewhere.

Clickthrough - Allows clicking through signs. You can already access whatever is behind a sign anyway - this but simplifies it.

Cloth Config - Fabric mod for configurations, required by many mods for in-game settings menus.

Collective - API/Library

Cullleaves - Recreation of Optifine's 'smart leaves.'

Death Locator - Prints the player's death coordinates to the screen.

Durability101 - Displays precise item durability over the item.

Fabric API - API/Library required by many mods.

Fabric Language Kotlin - Allows use of Kotlin programming in Fabric mods. Does not add content.

Fireplace Library - API/Library

Force-close Loading-screen - Cuts off redundant bits of the loading screen, good to avoid dying when you rejoin in the void.

Horse Stats - Provides the statistics of horses after you tame them.

I Know What I'm Doing - removes tips from the game.

Kambrik - API/Library

Krypton - Various optimizations.

LazyDFU - Optimizes game launch.

Lithium - Various optimizations.

Malilib - API/Library

MCG - Essentially an in-game notepad for coordinates.

Modmenu/Modsettings - Utility for providing a mod settings menu. Required by many mods for in-game settings.

MoreCulling - more culling.

MouserateFramerate - limits game framerate based on activity.

NBTViewer - shows item NBT. Not actually very useful, especially in survival. Still probably the most of a cheat I own though (for certain implementations of mystery boxes, which the server doesn't use).

Pet Owner - displays owner information for tamed animals.

Phosphor - Lighting engine optimizations.

PracticalBarrels - Barrels do what barrels should do.

Reese's Sodium Options - alternative UI for Sodium's options menu.

RoughlyEnoughItems - another TMI/NEI/JEI port, which I use for crafting recipes.

ScrollableTooltips - Scrollable tooltips.

Skinswapper - Necessary to swap my skin if desired, as I can no longer access my account page.

SkipTransitions - Skips Mojang fade-out.

Sodium - probably the most popular optimization mod for Fabric.

Sodium Extra - Additional optimization features - nothing Optifine doesn't have.

Stack Refill - Replenishes the stack in the player's hand if they possess more of that item (doesn't function in this server)

Textbook - import/export text from and to books.


Re: Minecraft Mods
« Reply #4 on: June 21, 2022, 03:56:08 PM »
Hi Madotsuki,

I have updated the list with the ones that have already been approved.  The ones that have not been added to that list are still under review and will try to update on those once we have reached a decision.  Unfortunately, there will probably be a slight delay as there are some scheduling conflicts.


Re: Minecraft Mods
« Reply #5 on: July 10, 2022, 12:09:53 PM »
I've acquired more mods for approval:

Diorite - drops all items according to a selected loadout, whenever a key is pressed.

No-telemetry - disables Microsoft telemetry

Status Effect Timer - displays a timer for status effects in the HUD.


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