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Author Topic: How to write a ban appeal.  (Read 11758 times)


How to write a ban appeal.
« on: January 07, 2017, 09:27:47 PM »
We do believe in a player being able to change and offering them a second chance. We recognize that it can be difficult to change one's behavior and attitude, but through this appeal you are granted the chance to show that you willing to change and follow the server's rules. Please take this chance seriously. If you are granted this second opportunity and continue your old behavior, your ban will be reinstated.

An appeal should at-least include the following:

For how long have you been banned?
  • Why were you banned?
  • When were you banned?
  • What mod or admin banned you? (if you don't know, don't answer)

Make sure you include all information of the incident that got you punished. If you are dishonest in an appeal, you will be perma-banned, with no opportunity to appeal. The word of the mods and admins are final. No point in arguing.


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