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Server Suggestions / Slimefun: Endless Bugs and Pain?
« on: April 06, 2018, 05:07:20 PM »
Slimefun was originally introduced to have fun, but now it is abundantly clear that it has brought more than fun. The bugs keep piling up and the DoD staff is up to their necks with the constant repairs and issues. The purpose of this thread is to hear from players what they like and dislike about Slimefun. The ultimate goal is to decide how people would feel if Slimefun was removed completely. The question being “would you prefer to continue to live with Slimefun bugs and features or would you rather not have any of it at all?” (a possible assumption being that some other less buggy plugins would help to replace key features)

Please pick the option that covers your opinion the best. As usual please post about your choice and discuss why and what you think.

General Discussion / Selling of Roescoe's island
« on: December 15, 2017, 01:16:46 AM »

With the recent changes to the slimefun dirt generation it is no longer feasible to do the terraforming I originally planned thus I am selling my island. "selling" is used loosely here because I will give it away even if the people who wish to purchase it can't afford to pay. I am leaving it up to my final judgement if there is a tie or some other unresolved conflict. The tie will go to the player who seems to have the "best" vision for the island (clearest, most feasible, ect...)

Here is a collection of images of the island:   

General Discussion / How to Play Skyblock Like Roescoe
« on: November 10, 2017, 12:49:59 AM »
This will be a guide/walkthrough of how I play Skyblock in general (though this will include things specific to DOD's implementation of it). It will include general practices and tips, so if you like to figure things out on your own, there may be "spoilers" of sorts. I wouldn't recomend playing this way, as it'll make you end up like me, but perhaps you can learn a few useful things from this post.

The major features of DOD skyblock, which help me advance the most, are MCMMO Slimefun and repeatable challenges.

Getting Started
Alright the first step I take in skyblock is to get a large amount of blocks. since logs provide 4 per a single chop I use them. In particular I use start with 2x2 spruce trees because they are regular and work with mcmmo's treefeller ability. (to use this ability shift-rightclick then start harvesting a tree as you would. The MAGIC! the whole thing comes down) To combine two in one with the treefeller ability I use a single stone axe per spruce tree (this uses up almost all the durability) then I save these nearly broken axes up until I have an iron block with which to repair them.

once I obtain the first set of spruce wood I start on the platform to build more spots for the trees. These trees follow a specific pattern the one I originally used was a 6 block gap between each tree. Now I have recently discovered that a 2 block angled gap between them works just as well and gives you 2x the trees for the same space. I continue with this pattern of trees until I run out of dirt then I build the planks straight for the completion of the layer, known as a "platform." At this point I then decide what sort of island I want to have. if the shape is more unique then I may end up removing some of this platform; however I find to properly obtain enough resources you need to start out with several platforms (which can be removed or placed at the bottom of your island as to be out of the way).

Resource harvesting
At the base of resource harvesting is MCMMO and slimefun. MCMMO allows you to obtain double the resources that vanilla would give. MCMMO allows you to also gain rare resources, such as diamonds, from non-standard sources.

I use this skill to obtain large amounts of resources specifically: sugar cane, netherwart, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, and melons. To train this skill I used a combination of large sugar cane farms and netherwart

I use this skill to obtain nether quartz, and stone. (when it was working) To level this skill I mine nether quartz.

I use this skill to obtain diamonds, soulsand, and gravel. once you reach a high enough level you can get diamonds from digging. (level 350)
To level this skill I use soulsand

I use this skill to obtain... logs duh. :D  To level it I use 2x2 spruce trees.

I use this skill to take less fall damage when not wearing slimeboots and to dodge arrows. To level this skill I fall around in the nether. (with the introduction of slimefun armor this skill is less useful)

I use this skill to repair items without enchants. To level this skill I use the stone axes whose low durability is obtained from chopping down spruce trees.

I use this skill to obtain diamonds and gold. The gold comes from the armor I find in the nether and the swords I get from killing pigmen. To level this skill you need to get repair and fishing up so be prepared to grind both of them out.

I used to use this skill to obtain ores, but now it's mostly for a higher salvaging level. To level this skill I sit at an AFK fisher (such as this one and hold right click for a little bit and then let go, trying to keep rhytm wit the fishes bit because it will jerk the pole as soon as the fish bites. be careful not to summon the Kracken...  :D

Combat skills
Axes, Archery, Swords, and unarmed. To level these kill stuff in dungeons and everywhere.

Slimefun will allow you to generate blocks such as dirt, sand and cobblestone from power. the main ways I use slimefun are in the generation of ore blocks, "specialty blocks" dirt, and sand. The key machines I use are the grindstone, the composter, the ore crusher, the smeltery, the ore crusher, the ore washer, and the gold pan(which is actually in the tools section). To get started you'll need some dispensers which you should be able to get the redstone for from a challenge. to get the string either do a dungeon (/ft the harder ones) or use some of the unlit part of your island to kill spiders. Once you have some dispensers create the ore washer, the smeltery, the grindstone, and the gold pan.

I then run off into the nether to bypass the grindstone unless I have a lot of gravel in which case I place 5 gravel into the grindstone (all in separate stacks) and 4 stacks of cobble. I then grind that up until it's nearly empty (making sure not to make any flint). The quickest way to grind that gravel is to put it in your offhand and put the goldpan in your main hand and then hold right click.  I then can use the orewasher trick to obtain whatever ore dust I want. This trick is simply to put the ore dust into the ore washer with 7 pieces of a junk block (such as cobble) and 1 of the ore you wish to make. (Yeah this requires you grind out one of that ore first) Then hold down rightclick and wait, even though it says the inv is full it will actually convert when it happens to be "on" the specific ore you have in the washer.

The composter is quite self explainitory other than the fact that you need a dirt block placed in such a way that you can place a sapling in front of the composter on top of the dirt. The ore crusher is the main way I get sand, to use this effectively it require a cobble generator (preferable a stone generator, because it is faster. The one I use is: [/size]

The ore plants all start with the coal plant, you can get lots of coal by getting the carbon press in energy and electricity. (which converts 4 charcoal to 1 coal) you can also use the compressor to start (which takes 32 charcoal for 1 coal) but upgrade to the carbon press quickly because it's 8 times as efficient. Remember to harvest the slimefun plants often as they grow quickly.

Tips and tricks
When initially grinding for woodcutter you won't have leafblower which means you should remove any leaves in the way of the spruce trunks before using treefeller on them. To grind excavation I would start with digging up soulsand (which could also be used for a netherwart farm). to grind sugarcane and spruce trees I would create the composter as soon as possible for the dirt. Change to a mushroom biome as soon as you have the cash. Try to learn the parkour as it will give you sometimes unexpectedly good rewards. Do the archer maze (in /ft puzzle dungeons) it will give diamonds and other equipment. Vote for flying time. don't forget to do /claim all (the rewards are removed after the end of the month if unclaimed) Once your axes/swords or achery skill is high enough and you are using the top tier items (ie Power V for the bow or Smite V for the axe/sword) you can kill a pigman in one shot. (which doesn't anger the other pigmen) Farming a large amount of a block may take a detour to get an MCMMO skill up first before attempting farming it. keep expanding your farm throughout your harvesting, this allow the crops or slimefun plants to regrow while you build. Always be building and or harvesting, downtime from either of these should be planned, otherwise you won't be able to reach your goal, so have an idea of what you're doing on the server before you join it or you will become distracted and accomplish absolutely nothing. Use the slimeboots and the hazmat chestpiece to explore the nether (this prevents fall damage and fire damage). When in the higher tiers of woodcutting use haste potions (gotten from using a carrot on an awkward potion, which you can also make into haste II through glowstone, it requires level 125 alchemy) and the slime leggings. (for speed)

Server Problems, Bugs, Glitches / Current Broken Stuff
« on: February 28, 2017, 12:24:01 PM »
So I know you guys have been very busy and working on fixing stuff which is great. :D I wanted to make a post to collect a list of stuff I've found to be broken.

1.) The passive mob stacking:
Mobs stack after you breed them but they don't count as separate animals for the "animal farmer" challenge, and when you kill them they all die acting as one mob.

2.) Potions
Death fixed the first bug of the brewing ingredients not being fixed, but currently the "witch" challenge does not count any potions either (like the removed challenge)

3.) Mcmmo mining xp + double drops
When stone is generated via lava being poured onto water, if mined without moving, it gives double drops and xp. When the stone is directly pushed by a piston or when it is pushed by a piston with a placed stone in front if it, it gives only a single drop and no mining xp. If it is pushed with any other block (not fully tested, but guessing) in front of the piston it gives double drops and mining xp.

4.) Dungeons
The money drop amount was fixed, but I'm not sure that the special mob kills are working properly, because I've seen the message for 175/200 killed several times as well as previous increments of 25, also mobs drop golden nuggets sometimes. (I'm not sure if this is an artifact of the previous money system or if it's cause some of the mobs are re-skinned zombie pigmen. And I'm not talking about the gold ingots for the special mob kills.) Also looting enchantments seems to increase the drop rate of spirit essence. (I think 2 soul essence from each boss it the right amount, so maybe no issue there.)

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