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Author Topic: Website RPG Battle Quest Ideas  (Read 22285 times)


Website RPG Battle Quest Ideas
« on: December 29, 2018, 06:54:24 PM »
Throwing this here for future quests. They're based them on Minecraft Achievements. I figure one quest every 5 levels is pretty good. So far we have up to level 30. No one else has gotten that high yet so I've put a pause on adding more.

Taking suggestions for dialogue. Each quest has 4 sections for text. Title, Initial Text, Success Text, and Fail Text. Then it has other information it needs as well for gold, exp, success rate, etc.


Future Quest List Notes:
Lion Tamer - befriend an ocelot
Saddle Up - Tame a horse
Diamonds! - success: find a decent diamond vein and mine it with fortune. fail: no diamonds and get burns from lava
Enchanter - make enchant table and attempt to enchant
Adventuring Time - find more biomes and explore. fail: you go in a circle and are back where you started
Archer - kill a creeper with arrows.
Taste of Your Own Medicine - poison a witch
Atlantis? - find an underwater ruin
Ahoy! - find a shipwreck
What a Deal! - successfully trade with a villager. success: farmer villager trades you emeralds for the crops from your farm. fail: nitwit
We Need to Go Deeper - build, light, and enter a nether portal
Into the Nether -
Return to Sender - success: while in the nether you come across a ghast that notices you and attacks! you slash your sword towards the approaching fireball and whack it back at the ghast. fail: you get hit and take massive damage and the explosion knocks you back.
Local Brewery - brew potions
The Beginning? - gather wither spawning ingredients and spawn the wither.
The Beginning. Kill the wither
Bring Home the Beacon - construct and place a beacon.
The End? - go to the end
Sky's The Limit - Find an elytra in the end city
Super Sonic - fly with an elytra
The End. - kill dragon
The Next Generation - gather dragon egg
The End .. Again. - respawn and kill dragon
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