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Author Topic: Donor Rank / Perk Suggestions  (Read 25205 times)


Donor Rank / Perk Suggestions
« on: July 19, 2019, 06:57:49 AM »
Some ideas for the network ranks.

Add /fly time to Survival crates. 5 minutes per crate?

Network Rank Perks - To be split up as you see fit per tier

Money, Energy, Crate Keys upon purchase, one-time.

Donor tags
/nick (Note, Survival has Colored Names in the Token Store)
Colored chat access
Colored + Formatted Signs
Cosmetics particles, pets, arrow trails, etc.
/ptime (Creative already has for free)
/pweather (Creative already has for free)
/medic (full heal, cooldown, 1 hour?)
/feed (full food, cooldown. 1 hour?)
/anvil (fully repair item in hand, cooldown. 20 hours?)
/rename (Ability to rename the item in your hand + colors)
/fly (Survival + Skyblock)
/craft /workbench
Backpacks /bp .. more slots available per tier (Also add /bp to a Skyblock earnable /rank)
Special Enderchest for more space, and command /ender /echest. More slots per tier.
/warp command to the nether (Surv, Sky) something like /netherwarp to have specific permission
/warp command to the end (Surv, Sky) something like /endwarp to have specific permission
Weekly and/or Daily /kits
McMMO Exp Boost (Surv, Sky) could split per tier? 5%, 10%, 20%, 25% (Also add small bonuses to the earnable Skyblock /ranks! Maybe highest 15% at Rank 10)
Maybe /fireball and /kittycannon for fun, non-griefing/damaging ..
/sethomes (keep in mind the sethomes earnable on Survival and Skyblock)
More /jobs slots (Also could make them earnable via /ranks on Skyblock and eco rankups on Survival)

Skyblock Only:
Increased item limit placements on Islands. + mobs like Endermen that are limited?
/j (Not useable in Dungeon world)

Creative Only:
More plots, /nightvision, /firework, /speed (1-3), Allowed to place water/lava

Survival Only:
More land claims?

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Re: Donor Rank / Perk Suggestions
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2019, 07:50:46 AM »
/rename for hand items?
A lot of the special loot items in survival get their names messed up when they get thrown in the anvil.


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