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Author Topic: Regarding additional Items in Spawn shop to sell on Skyblocks  (Read 24222 times)


Regarding additional Items in Spawn shop to sell on Skyblocks
« on: January 07, 2017, 09:08:39 PM »

This is a topic a number of players have raised, so I wanted to address the issue and a couple of the reasons why we don't put more items in the spawn shop to sell.

Currently, the only item you can sell is Emeralds for money. However, there are multiple ways to get money on the server. Please see our FAQ for more information on ways to earn money.

The idea behind the server's economy is to be a challenge and make it take time to earn up money. This helps make it so being able to afford certain things is truly a way of showing how much work you have put in and progress you have made. With that being said, I will also say you have a lot more ways to earn money now compared to when I started playing on the server.

Let's start with Emeralds being sold. The number of emeralds that can enter into our economy has been controlled by removing the ability for players to trade with Villagers. If this had not been done, players could have had stacks and stacks of Emerald blocks in no time at all. This is common to see on other servers where similar things have been attempted to control the economy but villagers were not blocked. By doing this, we now have an item that can be easily controlled and also allows for other things to mean more as well since you can't just trade a villager for them. You can literally destroy most server economies with just a Villager trading setup and some automatic/semi-automatic farms.

Other items have been suggested as being able to be sold, however all of these items can be farmed.
Basic crops - These are the most obviously able to be farmed and so would make a poor choice to use as a way to gain currency.
Ores/resources - All of these can be farmed (iron, gold, etc). Also, since we use mcmmo, fishing allows access to some additional resources and so does excavation. Also, once you get repair high enough to have the child skill salvage, it can net you tons of iron, gold, and diamonds when used with fishing.
Nether mob drops - There isn't a single nether mob based drop that you can't farm. If you don't believe me, check out youtube for videos on how to accomplish this.
Enderpearls - We have a challenge that allows you to unlock access to the end. Once you have access to the end, it isn't that hard to create methods to farm endermen for enderpearls.

Instead of adding more items to sell at the spawn shop, we have instead taken the approach to add more ways to earn emeralds and money to the server. Again, check out the above linked FAQ for some additional information.


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