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Author Topic: Survival Server Guide  (Read 15660 times)


Survival Server Guide
« on: January 11, 2017, 07:23:23 AM »

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Domain of Death Network Edge
Economy Survival Welcome, Guide, & FAQ!

(If you think anything could be added to this thread that would be useful, mail me here on the website or in-game!)

You can do "/faq" in-game for a quick link to this thread.
If you're looking for something specific, use "Ctrl+F" and put in a keyword!

Welcome to DoD Network Edge!
We are a Minecraft network that has the following features:
Skyblock, Creative, and Economy Survival!
Our IP Address is:

Make sure to read the Economy Survival rules HERE
We also have Forum Rules.

The gameplay is similar to that of a prison server in that you have to gather certain materials and sell them to the signs. When you start out, you are classified as an Outcast. Once you have reached $1,000 you can do /rankup to get promoted to Citizen and continue on until you have reached the last rank. All of the ranks and their prices can be viewed in-game with the command /ranks, or take a look at the table below. Players are able to build their own farms in the wild to gather harvest to sell.

Ranks, their prices, and what they have access to:

Outcast$0Stone, Dirt, Oak Wood
Citizen$1,000Carrot, Fish
Worker$5,000Sugarcane, Rabbit
Manager$20,000Sheep, Melon, Raw Mutton
CEO$50,000Cow, Potato
Mayor$100,000Jungle Wood, Flower, Guardian, Apple, Various Stones
Senator$250,000Squid, SugarCane+
President$1,000,000Birch Wood, Sand Pit, Obsidian
Legend$5,000,000Witch Hut, Mob Farm

Job Center Buy/Sell Signs by Rank

Food Vendor: Bread - $8 each
Stone Shovel - $10
Stone Axe - $15
Stone Pickaxe - $20

Citizen: Fishing Rod - $20
Senator: Pufferfish - $500
Legend: Glass Bottles - 32 for $200

Sell: (Prices listed are per 1 item)
* = Upgrade

Cobblestone - $0.375
Dirt - $0.1875
Oak Planks - $0.25

Carrots - $0.3125
Raw Fish - $30
Raw Salmon - $60
Pufferfish - $400
Clownfish - $1000

Sugarcane - $0.40
Raw Rabbit - $1
Rabbit Hide - $1

Raw Mutton - $1
Wool - $150
Melon Block - $1

Raw Beef - $0.60
Cooked Beef - $1
Leather - $0.75
Potato - $0.45
Poisonous Potato - $3.25

Jungle Planks - $0.50
Apples - $9
Golden Apples - $50
Coal - $2.50
Lapis - $4
Redstone - $3
Mossy Cobble - $1.25
Polished Diorite - $0.75
Polished Andesite - $0.75
Polished Granite - $0.75

*Sugar Cane - $0.65
Ink Sac - $8

Birch Planks - $0.75
Sand - $1.75
Red Sand - $3.50
Clay Block - $9
Obsidian - $15

Various Potions - Ranged $60-$250

Server Restarts - Our network has scheduled restarts to help keep the servers running smoothly.
Hub - Every 2 hours
Creative - 05:12 AM MST
Skyblock - 05:18 AM MST
Survival - 05:24 AM MST

Travel - "/wild" and click on the pickaxe, or type "/jc" to quickly get to the Job Center, or use the "/warp" window. You can also use /ft or /travel. The NPC at spawn also opens the /wild menu. Remember, you can always use "/dod" to get around the servers, too.

The World Teleportation section of "/ft" leads to other worlds. There is currently one extra world: Recreation. This is a separate inventory than the main world, and KeepInventory is OFF. It is custom generated, so there are unique trees, ruins, buildings, and more.

Homes - You get 3 sethomes and a bed home. "/sethome <name>" then "/home <name>" to get there. "/delhome <name>" to remove a home. After you sleep in a bed, "/home bed" to get there. You can use "/hu" (Home Upgrade) to purchase access to more sethomes. You can gain 7 more, and their purchase tiers are as follows: 35k, 50k, 65k, 80k, 95k, 110k, 125k.

MCMMO - Compete to be in the leaderboards, get bonus skills, make different kinds of blocks, get more from harvesting, do more damage with weapons and axes, and more! To see more info about MCMMO, check the main wiki page here and/or this wiki here.
Shift+Right Click with the appropriate tool (or bare hand for Unarmed) to active the skill related to it. For example, Shift+Right Clicking with a Pickaxe in hand will activate Super Breaker, which makes mining faster and gives a higher drop chance for a short while. The timer goes up as you get higher level.
Treefeller is disabled.
As you gain experience in MCMMO skills, an experience bar will show up at the top of your screen. If you do not wish to see it, you can toggle it on and off with any of these commands: /xpbar /bar /toggle /expbar

PVP, Griefing, & Stealing - PVP is on outside of spawn! For a group of friends, if you don't want to accidentally hurt each other out in the wild, you could make an MCMMO party together. You can also set a "pvp deny" flag in your claim. Griefing and Stealing are allowed in unclaimed areas.

Protection & Claiming - You are able to protect an area with "/land" in a spot that hasn't been previously claimed. You may have a total of 6 claims. Doing "/land" in a claimed region opens a menu with options to add/remove players from the region, set the greeting and leave messages, and the ability to remove the region, as well as a button that opens up the flag menu. The flag menu includes PvP, access to chests, damage to animals, enderpearl teleportation, interacting with blocks (Buttons, levers, chests, etc), mob spawning, potion splash, and entry. These options can be enabled/disabled. You may also set the flags yourself with /rg flag. "/land home" to bring up the menu to teleport to your different region claims.

Plot Sizes:
Outcast's Plot
Cost: $250
Size: 10x10x255

Medium Plot
Cost: $500
Size: 20x20x255

Large Plot
Cost: $750

Super Plot
Cost: $1000

Hoppers & Pistons - Hoppers are disabled. Pistons have certain restrictions as to what they can break when they extend.
Pistons can NOT break: Sugar Cane, Melon Block, Carrot, Potato

The Economy
    Spawn Shop: You can speak with the Traveling Merchant at /spawn or use /shop to access the spawn shop. There are various supplies you can purchase if you need them.

There are a few different ways to make money.
    Job Center: There are many sell signs around the Job Center at spawn that you can sell to. As you rank up, you gain access to more farms and sell signs. The 2nd line of the sign shows what Rank you need to be to use it, and the 4th line shows how much each individual item will sell for.
    User Shops: You can make a shop of your own to sell and buy items. There is a thread HERE that lists active shops and their warps. Once you claim a region, you can set a /rg tp to it if you wish by using the command /srt <regionname>. We have SignShop for you to use for your shop.

SignShop Info:
Check out this page for more info, or use /signshop in-game.

Place the chest you will have your shop items in. Put in the items and quantity you want to buy/sell for each time someone clicks.

[buy] or [sell]
Description line
Description line

Anything can go in the description lines.
Use a Redstone Dust to left click the chest, then the sign. This will link them.

For example, if you wanted to sell 16 Carrots for $25, put 16 Carrots in the chest. Make your shop sign like this:

16 Carrots

Redstone in hand, left click the chest then the sign. Now that it's linked, you can stock the rest of your chest.

When you left click on someone else's SignShop sign, it will tell you what you're buying/selling, how many, and for how much. When you right click, you will buy/sell.

    Auctions: Access to Auctions can be purchased in the Token Shop, /ts.

You can purchase items that you may want or need from the General Supplies NPC, the Traveling Merchant at Spawn.

Mini-games & Events - To add some extra fun to the server, there are various minigames and events that happen!
  • Mining Bonus - All players receive a random beneficial potion effect upon mining diamonds.
  • Treasure Hunting - You must be at least Citizen rank or higher to loot Treasure Chests. Periodically, 10 treasure chests appear randomly in the world. The location coordinates are broadcasted when this happens. There is also one hidden chest. After the Treasure Chests spawn, you have 15 minutes to find them before they despawn. New ones spawn after 15 minutes.

"/tre" will show current treasure coordinates and how soon they will clear. "/tre near" will show how far away each treasure is from your location. There is a broad range of rewards you are able to obtain. Chests spawn with a Tier 1-5 assigned to them. "/tre rewards" gives a menu showing a list of rewards for each tier.

You can use a compass to help point you in the right direction. Right Click with it to choose which Treasure it should point towards. You can also Left Click and it will run "/tre near" for you.

  • Word Games - Occasionally a word game will appear it chat. It will be "Type ____ as fast as you can!" or "Unscramble ____ as fast as you can" or a math problem, or Minecraft trivia. The winner will receive a prize, which could be money, iron, or diamonds.
  • Multiplier Monday - Each week, every Monday a random multiplier will be applied to the JobCenter signs.

This multiplier can be seen using “/multipliermonday” and can be anything between 1.10 and 1.50, so there's a possible 10%-50% profit increase range.

  • Mob arena - Do /arena to travel to the Mob Arena.
Voting - Each day you can vote on our voting sites. You can do /vote in-game or go to the homepage of the /site and look on the left. After you've voted, do "/claim all" on the server of your choosing to receive your vote crates. Open the crates to get Vote Tokens with a chance to also get Diamonds. You can use the Tokens in the Token Shop by doing /ts or do /dod then click the Token Store button. You can also visit the Voting Merchant at /spawn downstairs at his stall. Check here for an in-depth look at the different voting crates you can get and their details. Below is a list of what you can purchase from the Token Store.

Token Store:
  • Voter Crate Key - Use to open a Voter Crate at spawn by the Voting Merchant. Left click the crate to see what all you can get!
  • Super Voter Crate Key - Use to open a Super Voter Crate at spawn by the Voting Merchant. Left click the crate to see what all you can get!
  • Auctioneer - Chat-based auction system. /auc for more info!
  • Spawner Types - Change existing world spawners to the type of your choosing! You can only change spawners in regions that you are an owner of.
  • MobCatcher Permits - Capture different entity types in the Survival world using Chicken Eggs!
  • TPA Access - Gain access to /tpa and /tpahere!
  • Colored Names - Change the color of your name. Use /color to help!
  • FastCraft+ Access - When opening a normal workbench, allows you to use the fast crafting perk. /fctoggle to enable or disable.
  • Player Head Store - Purchase heads of the staff, your own head, and other decoration heads!

Discord - Join the Discord channel to chat with others on the server! Click here to join. You can download the program on your computer, the app on your phone, or join in your internet browser!

Changelog - Type "/changelog" in-game for a link to our changelog to keep up with changes or additions we make. You can also reach the changelog by clicking the "Information" button on the top bar here on the website.

Crafting - Not sure how to craft an item? Use "/erecipe <name>" to see how to craft it! For example, "/erecipe repeater"

Clans and Friends - Cross-server friend list and clan. Use "/clan" and "/friends" for all possible commands. "/cc (msg)" to message your entire clan.
There are also parties but they do not persist thru logout. "/party"

Network Shop - Click the Network Shop button at the top, or do /donate in-game to get a link. Look here to see the Network Shop guide, including a Ranks guide!

Other Info:

The World Border is 15k.
"/autosort" your chests and inventory, or toggle it off. "/autosort chests" "autosort inventory"
You can sacrifice a diamond to disable rain. Throw it into the sky while holding shift.
You can ping an online player by using “@<displayName>”. Their displayName is the name that you see when they chat, excluding the color codes.
Need a quick route out of the Nether? Shift throw a blaze rod onto the ground. Will consume blaze rod.
ZHorse. Each rank gets +5 stable capacity starting at Outcast’s 10 and ending at Legend’s 50. /zh help for more info.

Use "#hand" in chat to show what you are holding in your hand. Hovering over it shows any enchants and lore on the item.
Use "#coords" in chat to automatically fill in your current coordinates.
Use "#restart" in chat to see when the next restart is - Needs to be updated
Use /scs to see how many spawn secrets there are! "/scs found" to see how many you've found.
Use /treesfall to toggle if wood logs fall like sand/gravel.
Use "/glist" to list online players on all servers.
Use "/timecheck" or "/played" to see how long you’ve been a part of DoD!
Use "/chairs" to toggle the ability to sit on stair blocks. Note: Right click to sit on a stair, Shift to get off.
Use "/chatcolor" to automatically chat in a specific color! Can be used at rank Manager and above. Example: "/chatcolor &e"

Open chat and hover over a player's name to see what their username is, along with other neat information!
Fire spread is turned off.
TNT is disabled.
KeepInventory is turned on for the main overworld, including that world's Nether and End. 
Custom Enchants: Lunge, Leech, and Disarm. Lunge will leap the player forward at a power determined by level of enchant. Disarm has a {level}% chance of knocking an item another player is holding from their hands. Max Levels for each: Lunge 3, Leech 3, Disarming 5.
Use /seen <player> or /where <player> to see how long a player has been offline for.
/timecheck or /played to see how long you’ve been apart of DoD!

Item Durability Bar has a toggle and customization options. Use “/db” or “/durabar”.
"/db toggle" to turn it on or off. "/db color" to customize the word and number colors. You can also use formatting. Use "/colors" or "/color" to see examples.
"/db c <color> <part>" Part 1 is the name of the item, Part 2 is the durability numbers.
Example: "/db c &6&l 1" makes the first word bold gold.

Lift Signs
To make a Lift Sign, place a sign in a region you own or the wild. You cannot build a lift in someone elses region.
Set the first line to [Lift] *case-sensitive
Set the second line to up/down.
Finish editing the sign and right click the sign to initialize the lift.

Backpacks store additional items. Use /bp to access.
Citizen: 9 Item Slots
Manager: 18 Item Slots
Mayor: 27 Item Slots
Senator: 36 Item Slots
President: 45 Item Slots
Legend: 54 Item Slots

Job center rank’s passive speed boost. The boosts are as follows;
Legend - 3x
President - 2.75x
Senator - 2.5x
Mayor - 2.25x
CEO - 2x
Manager - 1.75x
Worker - 1.5x
Citizen - 1.25x
*Note: You can toggle this passive with “/boost” "/boost toggle"
"/boost list"
"/boost (level)"

For any Minecraft related info, check the Wiki! You can also do /wiki in-game to give you a link.[/spoiler]
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