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Author Topic: Skyblock Server Rules  (Read 10073 times)


Skyblock Server Rules
« on: January 06, 2017, 03:49:47 AM »
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Skyblock Server Rules

If a staff member comments about your behavior or asks you to stop or change something, you are expected to listen. If you disagree with the staff member, you may appeal through the website by posting on the forums or directly messaging an Admin or Mod. Please be sure to include all the information, the time (and time zone) and day of occurrence, and the staff member who was handling the matter.

Obviously breaking a rule is going to warrant consequences, please be aware that you will get those consequences.

Be respectful
Be respectful to other players and staff. Treat others how you want to be treated! Do not be racist, sexist, homophobic, or rude. Do not intentionally provoke a negative response from someone. Trolling is also asked to be avoided.

Be ethical
Do not do anything that would give yourself an unfair advantage over any other player. No cheating! This includes using any form of Block Glitching as well as block or item duplication.  If you are caught doing any form of cheating, expect to be banned.  Play responsibly. If you find an exploit, inform staff about it! Help us make the server better. You should know what is right, and what is wrong, use your best judgment.

Some quick examples of breaking this rule that aren't directly linked to the rules below:
Joining people's islands to steal from them and leaving.
Kicking a player from your island or resetting your island without giving all players involved a chance to get their items/loot.

No Griefing
Do not modify any structure that you did not build unless it occurred naturally. Do not mess with anything you did not make, create, or build. This includes animals.

No Advertising
Don't advertise on our server, don't advertise on OTHER servers. The best way you can show your support is by voting! If you are found spamming on another server with our IP then you will face consequences! This goes along with the first rule: be respectful. Nobody likes advertising, we don't do it to other people because we don't want them to do it to us.
We have a zero tolerance policy about advertising other servers. This includes their numerical IP, custom server IP, server name, and server logos. If you ignore this rule and post other server information, you will be punished.
Commercial advertising would be bad as well. The only exception to this rule is advertising something youíre selling in your shop (Just donít spam about it!)

No Hacking or Unapproved Mods
Mods that give you an unfair advantage will not be tolerated! This includes: Flyhack, Everbright (not needing torches), Godmode, Nodus, and ET CETERA. If you are not sure if a mod is permitted, just ask a staff member, we will be happy to answer your question or confer with other staff about it!
Start by checking HERE to see what we allow and what we don't allow.

Chat Rules
Caps are allowed as long as it is not being excessive. You may use caps for emphasis for a word or two in a sentence. Full sentences of caps is definitely excessive, as is constant short sentences of caps.
Swearing IS ALLOWED as long as it is not being either disrespectful, spammy or excessive.
Explicit sexual references, politics, and religion should not be used in global/general chat.
Please use some common sense about what topics are appropriate in global chat.

No Spamming
Spamming can interfere with other players gameplay, and with staff helping players who have server related issues. Do not post gibberish or senseless text, or purposely say the same thing over and over. If you make a mistake in your previous sentence, correct the one word, not the entire sentence again.
Complaining about everything could be considered spam. (Its okay to complain about one or two things on occasion when you're frustrated)
Posting multiple lines of song lyrics into chat is considered spamming. Instead, maybe link to that song on Youtube for everyone to enjoy (If it is appropriate!)

English Only in Global
This is an English speaking server. Please type in English in global! You are welcome to speak another language in private messages. (/msg, /w, /tell) This is not to inconvenience our international players, but to ensure that the server remains safe and appropriate at all times.

Do not ask to be made staff, admin, op, etc
We will not give this to you. You will not be granted staff just because you asked for it. If you are truly interested in becoming a dedicated member of our server's team, go to the Staff Applications section of the forum for more information. However, we don't care if you claim to be from PMC, Hollywood, Mojang, or the President of the United States, You will NOT be granted any special staff ranks or powers.

No Begging
Do not beg for anything from staff or other players. Constant repeated begging in general, whether for free items or to join other people's islands will be considered spam.

Make server suggestions in the forums! There is a place for that! There are some different categories already for things like Parkour suggestions, Dungeon suggestions, etc.! Look here.

Alternate Accounts
Make sure you Register your alternate account with us! Look on the top bar!
Any alternate accounts in use that are not registered will be punished.
Having an alternate account is allowed. No more than 2 accounts per individual.
If you have 2 accounts, they MUST be on the SAME island!
You may NOT have 2 accounts on 2 different islands!
You may NOT do /dailybonus (/db) on both accounts! Only on your Main Account.
You may leave one account AFK at your island while you go off with your other account to do other activities.
You may do Parkour and Dungeons with both accounts.
You may complete Challenges on both accounts.
You may Vote on both accounts.

If you have any questions about this, please ask!

First and foremost, it should follow all the rules.

1) Have the name make sense, No random collection of letters and/or numbers,symbols, etc.
- Example: Do NOT make your name something like: akjdnfhbakjdfhahfe
* This includes over use of the format command &k
This will be considered Spam.

2) No potentially offense or vulgar names. This includes things concerning politics and religion. If a staff member asks you to change your name, please listen to them. If you disagree with their decision, please appeal on the forums or directly message a Mod or Admin.

3) Do not constantly change your nickname, this can be confusing and annoying. Try to settle on a nickname!

4) You will NOT be allowed to try to impersonate another player, especially that of a staff member.

Repeatedly abusing this perk and violating the rules concerning nicknames can result in a Tempban and loss of the perk.

Island Warps and Enderpearls
If a player has built an island warp that is meant to be closed off, please respect that player's privacy and do not use enderpearls or any other glitches to exit out of their warp area. This is against the rules and will be punishable.

Island Visiting
It is up to the player to have adequate protection for their animals and crops against other players.

Island Harvesting
While this should fall under Be Ethical and Common Sense, this is NOT allowed. Island Harvesting is gathering materials off an island, resetting the island, rinse and repeat.

Mob Farms
Mob Farms, Obsidian farms, automated crop farms, and many other automated farms are permitted! If you are unsure about one, ask a staff member!

If your mob farm or any other sort of farm causes extreme lag, you may be asked to remove it, or a staff member will disable it for you.
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