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Author Topic: Survival Donor Guide  (Read 4029 times)


Survival Donor Guide
« on: January 06, 2017, 03:52:55 AM »
Survival Donor Shop Guide

Cosmetic Ranks - Higher tiers also get all the lower tiers perks. For example, T3 would get all perks. T2 would get T2's and T1's.

Tier 1:
/nick access. (e.g. Formatting, and name changing)
Colored chat access. Includes formats, except magic.
Access to special (Donor) prefix.
Chicken, Cow, and Sheep Disguises (No Extra Flags/Variants)
Particle Trails: Heart, Magic, White, Green, Red, Carpet blocks, Flower blocks, Snowball, Crit, Flame, Lava, Water, Notes, Clouds
Access to /glow and first five colors.

Tier 2:
All Passive Animal disguises (NO Variants)
Also disguise as a block.
Also use Disguise to disguise as any minecraft block.
[veteran] and [king]/[queen] Tags
Essentials /hat command.
More Trail Perks: Circle mode. More effects: Pop, splash, enchant, smoke, snow, spark, ender, fun, void, sand, endrod, slime. Rain: Netherwart and gold. Block trail effects: Sea, Wheat, Ore, Rainbow, Redstone, Clay
Upgraded to allow slots 5-11 colors in /glow

Tier 3:
Every disguise (-obnoxious ones) and every variant (e.g. baby mobs, endermen holding blocks, etc)
[mythic] tag.
More Trails Perks - Different particle mode, Wings mode, any rain particle.
Can use the rest of the colors and the Rainbow effect in /glow.
Access to /heads (Not same thing as /hat)

MCMMO Xp Boost - 12 Hours of triple xp in all mcmmo skills for the entire server.
Haste 4 - Global haste 4 for 4 hours.

Helpful info & commands:
/d (disguise)
/u (undisguise)
Info on formatting and colors
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