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Author Topic: SlimeFun Basic Guide - WIP  (Read 28502 times)


SlimeFun Basic Guide - WIP
« on: June 07, 2017, 05:55:11 PM »
This is from the old Ultimate Skyblock server. SlimeFun will no longer be a thing.

SlimeFun Basic Guide

To get started, do "/sf guide" in-game. This will spawn a book in your inventory, called the Slimefun Guide. When using it (Right Click like you are going to read it) it should open a menu with different categories. You can unlock recipes/items by clicking on them and spending vanilla experience levels.

You will want to start with some of the Basic Machines. Most of them have Multi Block recipes for placement on your island, shown in the pictures in the next section. When viewing a Multi-Block Basic Machine in the Slimefun Guide, on the bottom rows it shows the input-output for that machine. For example, with the Grind Stone, one of the crafts you can do is input Cobblestone and output Gravel. When crafting in the Enhanced Crafting Table, you place the items how the crafting recipe shows in the book into the Dispenser part, then right click the Craft Table, and retrieve your crafted item(s) from the Dispenser.

Basic Machines:
Most of these pictures were obtained from

Need to add Automatic Ignition Chamber

Enhanced Crafting Table: Dispenser + Crafting Table

Grind Stone: Dispenser facing up + Oak Fence

Armor Forge: Dispenser facing up + Anvil

Ore Crusher: Dispenser facing up + Nether Brick Fence + 2 Iron Bars

Compressor: Dispenser facing up + Nether Brick Fence + 2 Pistons

Smeltery: Dispenser + Nether Brick Fence + 2 Nether Brick + Fire (Netherrack+Flint&Steel)
Fire may randomly go out when using it so you will have to re-light it, or use redstone to help keep it lit.

Pressure Chamber: Cauldron + Glass + Dispenser facing down + 4 Pistons + 2 Stone Slabs

Magic Workbench: Bookshelf + Crafting Table + Dispenser

Ore Washer: Cauldron + Oak Fence + Dispenser

Saw Mill: Crafting Table + 2 Oak Wood + 2 Iron Bars

Saw Mill loaded up with 1 Log:

Automated Panning Machine: Cauldron + Wooden Trap Door

Juicer: Dispenser facing up + Nether Brick Fence + Glass

Composter: (Crafted machine) Cauldron + 6 Oak Wood Slabs

Crucible: (Crafted machine) Flint & Steel + 6 Hardened Clay
I've put glass around where the lava/water comes out so it doesn't flow everywhere.

Basic Machine Crafts:

Next I will show what you can do with some of the basic machines.

Grind Stone:
Blaze Rod → 4 Blaze Powder
Bone → 4 Bone Meal
Gravel → Flint
Nether Wart → 2 Magical Lump I
Eye of Ender → 2 Ender Lump I
Cobblestone → Gravel
Wheat → Wheat Flour
Dirt → Stone Chunk

Ore Crusher:
Iron Ore → 2 Iron Dust
Gold Ore → 2 Gold Dust
16 Netherrack → Sulfate
Sifted Ore → Crushed Ore
Crushed Ore → Pulverized Ore
Pure Ore Cluster → Tiny Pile of Uranium
8 Cobblestone → Sand
Gold Ingot → Gold Dust
Gold Ingot (4-Carat) → Gold Dust

32 Charcoal → 1 Coal
8 Coal → Carbon
8 Steel Ingot → Steel Plate
4 Carbon → Compressed Carbon
4 Stone Chunk → Cobblestone
Reinforced Alloy Ingot → Reinforced Plate

Smelts Dusts into Ingots, and makes Alloys and crafts various other materials.

Ore Washer:
Sifted Ore → Various Dusts listed from the most common to the most rare:
Iron Dust, Gold Dust, Aluminum Dust, Zinc Dust, Tin Dust, Copper Dust, Magnesium Dust, Lead Dust, Silver Dust

Saw Mill:
Crafts 1 Wood Log into 8 Planks instead of just 4!

Automated Panning Machine:
Gravel → Flint/Clay/Sifted Ore

Apple|MelonSlice|Carrot|Pumpkin → Juice of each type
Exotic Garden fruits/veggies → Juice

Note: Right click the front of the Composter with items in hand. When using Saplings, right click the side where the Dirt Block is.
32 Leaves → Dirt
32 Vanilla Sapling → Dirt
4 Stone → Netherrack
2 Sand → Soul Sand
4 Wheat → Nether Wart

16 Cobblestone → Lava
16 Leaves → Water
12 Hardened Clay → Water

Other Info:

Each player is limited to only having a total of 20 androids.
/warp repair has an NPC for fixing broken SlimeFun items. The SlimeFun Trader also trades “CSCoreLib’s Head” items that have lost their connection with the SlimeFun plugin.
Member+ Island has NPCs for trading 16 of one type of Fruit or Vegetable to get 1 of the related Sapling, Plant, or Bush.

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Re: SlimeFun Basic Guide - Work in Progress)
« Reply #1 on: June 07, 2017, 05:57:03 PM »
This is from the old Ultimate Skyblock server. SlimeFun will no longer be a thing.

SlimeFun Plants Guide

SlimeFun Magical Plants
Types: Coal, Redstone, Lapis, Ender, Quartz, Glowstone, Obsidian, Slime.
See the "Exotic Garden - Magical Plants" section of the /sf guide to see how to craft them.
Right click the heads once they've grown, you will receive Essence. Combine 8 essence in a circle in the Enhanced Crafting Table to get that item. Example: 8 Redstone Essence turns into 8 Redstone Dust, 8 Lapis Essence turns into 16 Lapis. The amount varies on what kind it is.

SlimeFun Fruits and Vegetables

The fruit trees can be cut down like normal trees (including MCMMO Treefeller) and the fruit will drop off. Replant as normal. For the berry bushes and vegetable plants, right click the head or leaf block part to harvest it, and it will eventually grow back!

Fruit Sapling Types:
Apple, Pomegranate, Cherry, Peach, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Pear, Plum, Coconut

Berry Bushes:
Blueberry, Strawberry, Cranberry, Cowberry, Raspberry, Elderberry, Blackberry, Grape

Vegetable Plants:
Tomato, Sweet Potato, Pineapple, Mustard Seed, Corn, Tea Leaf, Lettuce, Cabbage

SlimeFun Food

Unless a machine is specified, it is crafted in the Enhanced Crafting Table.

Fortune Cookie = Cookie + Paper (Also tells your fortune!)
Beef Jerky = Salt + Steak
Magic Sugar = Sugar + Redstone Dust + Glowstone Dust (30 seconds of Speed)
Monster Jerky = Salt + Rotten Flesh (No Hunger effect like Rotten Flesh)

Vanilla items that can be put thru the Juicer: Apple, Carrot, Melon Slice, Pumpkin, Golden Apple
Golden Apple Juice gives 20 seconds of Absorption.

Any of the SlimeFun fruit and berries can be put thru the Juicer to make Juice.
The Coconut is the only different one, as it makes Coconut Milk instead of Juice.
A Smoothie is made of Juice + Ice Cube

Ice Cube = 1 Ice Block in the Grind Stone makes 4 Ice Cubes.
Heavy Cream = 1 Milk in the ECT makes 2 Heavy Cream
Wheat Flour = Wheat in the Grind Stone
Salt = 4 Sand in the Ore Washer
Cheese = Milk + Salt
Butter = Heavy Cream + Salt
Mayo = Egg in Grind Stone
Mustard = Mustard Seed in Grind Stone
BBQ Sauce = Tomato + Mustard + Salt + Sugar
Cornmeal = Corn in Grind Stone

Wine = Grape + Sugar

Lemon Iced Tea = Lemon + Ice Cube + Tea Leaf
Raspberry Iced Tea = Raspberry + Ice Cube + Tea Leaf
Peach Iced Tea = Peach + Ice Cube + Tea Leaf
Strawberry Iced Tea = Strawberry + Ice Cube + Tea Leaf
Cherry Iced Tea = Cherry + Ice Cube + Tea Leaf

Thai Tea = Tea Leaf + Sugar + Heavy Cream + Coconut Milk
Sweetened Tea = Tea Leaf + Sugar
Hot Chocolate = Chocolate Bar + Heavy Cream
Pinacolada = Pineapple + Ice Cube + Coconut Milk
Lemonade = Lemon Juice + Sugar

Jelly Sandwiches = Vertical in the center: Bread + Juice + Bread
The following fruits can be made into Jelly Sandwiches: Grape, Blueberry, Elderberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Cranberry, Cowberry, Strawberry
(Any fruit from the berry bushes)

Pies = Fruit + Egg + Sugar + Milk + Wheat Flour
The following fruits can be made into Pies: Grape, Blueberry, Elderberry, Raspberry, Blackberry, Cranberry, Cowberry, Strawberry, Cherry, Pomegranate, Lemon, Plum, Lime, Orange, Peach, Pear
Or basically: Any fruit from the berry bushes, any fruit from the fruit trees except Coconut and Apple. No Apples are currently required for Apple oak pie.

Pumpkin Bread = Pumpkin + Sugar + Wheat Flour
Chocolate Bar = Cocoa Beans + Heavy Cream
Potato Salad = Baked Potato + Mayo + Bowl
Egg Salad = Egg + Mayo + Bowl
Strawberry Salad = Bowl + Strawberry
Grape Salad = Bowl + Grape
Tomato Soup = Bowl + Tomato
Chicken Sandwich = Cooked Chicken + Mayo + Bread
Fish Sandwich = Cooked Fish + Mayo + Bread
Cheesecake = Sugar + Wheat Flour + Heavy Cream + Egg
Cherry Cheesecake = Cheesecake + Cherry
Blueberry Cheesecake = Cheesecake + Blueberry
Pumpkin Cheesecake = Cheesecake + Pumpkin
Sweetened Pear Cheesecake = Cheesecake + Sugar + Pear
Biscuit = Wheat Flour + Butter
Blackberry Cobbler =
Pavlova =
Corn on the Cob =
Creamed Corn =
Bacon =
Sandwich =
Leafy Chicken Sandwich =
Leafy Fish Sandwich =
Hamburger =
Cheeseburger =
Bacon Cheeseburger =
Deluxe Cheeseburger =
Carrot Cake =
Chickenburger =
Chicken Cheeseburger =
Bacon Burger =
Bacon Sandwich =
Taco =
Fish Taco =
Jammy Dodger =
Pancakes =
Blueberry Pancakes =
Fries =
Popcorn =
Popcorn (Sweet) =
Popcorn (Salty) =
Shepard's Pie =
Chicken Pot Pie =
Chocolate Cake =
Cream Cookie =
Blueberry Muffin =
Pumpkin Muffin =
Chocolate Chip Muffin =
Bostom Cream Pie =
Hot Dog =
Bacon wrapped Cheese filled Hot Dog =
BBQ Bacon wrapped Hot Dog =
Bacon wrapped Hot Dog in a Tortilla with Cheese =
Chocolate Strawberry =
Lamington =
Waffles =
Club Sandwich =
Burrito =
Chicken Burrito =
Grilled Sandwich =
Lasagna =
Ice Cream =
Tiramisu =
Tiramisu with Strawberries =
Tiramisu with Raspberries =
Tiramisu with Blackberries =
Chocolate Pear Cake =
Apple Pear Cake =

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Re: SlimeFun Basic Guide - WIP
« Reply #2 on: November 16, 2017, 07:16:39 PM »
This is from the old Ultimate Skyblock server. SlimeFun will no longer be a thing.

SlimeFun Guide Categories

To help people find where things are in the in-game guide, here I will list the categories and what's found in each one. If you are looking for something specific, use Ctrl+F to do a search for it!

Grandmas Walking Stick
Grandpas Walking Stick

Portable Crafter
Portable Dustbin
Small Backpack
Large Backpack
Woven Backpack
Gilded Backpack

Basic Machines
Enhanced Crafting Table
Grind Stone
Armor Forge
Ore Crusher
Pressure Chamber
Magic Workbench
Ore Washer
Saw Mill
Automated Panning Machine

Gold Pan
Grappling Hook
Hercules' Pickaxe


Fortune Cookie
Beef Jerky
Magic Sugar
Monster Jerky
Apple Juice
Carrot Juice
Melon Juice
Pumpkin Juice
Golden Apple Juice

Magical Items
Magical Lump 1 thru 3
Ender Lump 1  thru 3
Magical Book Cover
Lava Crystal
Common Talisman
Necrotic Skull
Essence of Afterlife
Ancient Pedestal
Blank Rune
Ancient Rune (Air)
Ancient Rune (Earth)
Ancient Rune (Fire)
Ancient Rune (Water)
Ancient Rune (Ender)
Ancient Rune (Rainbow)

Magical Armor
Ender Helmet
Ender Chestplate
Ender Leggings
Ender Boots
Slime Helmet (Leather)
Slime Chestplate (Leather)
Slime Leggings (Leather)
Slime Boots (Leather)
Glowstone Helmet
Glowstone Chestplate
Glowstone Leggings
Glowstone Boots
Slime Helmet (Iron)
Slime Chestplate (Iron)
Slime Leggings (Iron)
Slime Boots (Iron)
Farmer Shoes
Boots of the Stomper

Technical Components



Talismans - Tier I

Magical Gadgets

Technical Gadgets

Talismans - Tier II

Exotic Garden - Plants and Fruits

Exotic Garden - Drinks

Exotic Garden - Food

Exotic Garden - Magical Plants

Energy and Electricity

GPS-based Machines

Cargo Management

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