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Important Server Information / Classic Skyblock Guide
« on: December 13, 2018, 01:58:01 PM »
This small guide is for the Classic Skyblock Server on our Network. You can get here thru the /dod Server Select menu, right clicking the Classic Skyblock NPC at the Hub, or by doing the command "/sbc"

Click here to see the SBC Challenges Spreadsheet

Fire Spread is Off.
Mob Damage (such as Creepers exploding, Enderman stealing blocks) is Off.

Use "/vs toggle" to prevent falling in the void. Instead, you will be teleported to a solid block and have your hunger reduced.

There are various Leaderboards around Spawn such as Jumps, Cake Slices Eaten, Kills, Deaths, Challenges Completed, and Trades Completed. If you right click on the sign, you can see more than just the top 3.

Spawn Trades:
You can find these at the Material Trader at Spawn at "/warp shop"

64 Cobblestone + 8 Netherrack = 64 Netherrack
64 Stone Brick + 16 Nether Bricks = 64 Nether Brick Blocks
4 Magma Cream + 8 Gravel = 4 Magma Blocks
64 Cobblestone + 4 Ender Pearls = 64 End Stone
8 Cobblestone + 4 Bones = 1 Quartz Block
4 Sand + 2 Red Dye = 4 Red Sand
8 Glowstone Blocks + 8 Jack O Lanterns = 1 Sea Lantern
8 Glowstone Dust + 8 Iron Nuggets = 8 Prismarine Shards
16 Yellow Wool + Shears = 1 Sponge
8 Black Terracotta + 8 Ink Sacs = 8 Obsidian
1 Grass Block = 1 Lapis Block
9 Ice = 1 Packed Ice
64 Sticks = 1 Dead Bush
16 String = 1 Web

Spawn Eggs
1 Grass Block = 2 Bat Spawn Eggs
1 Grass Block = 2 Squid Spawn Eggs
5 Grass Blocks = 2 Ocelot Spawn Eggs
5 Grass Blocks = 2 Wolf Spawn Eggs
10 Grass Blocks = 2 Sheep Spawn Eggs
10 Grass Blocks = 2 Pig Spawn Eggs
10 Grass Blocks = 2 Cow Spawn Eggs
15 Grass Blocks = 2 Mooshroom Spawn Eggs
10 Diamonds = 1 Horse Spawn Egg
10 Diamonds = 1 Parrot Spawn Egg
1 Diamond = 16 Nether Quartz Ore Blocks

Server Suggestions / Skyblock Classic Suggestions
« on: September 16, 2018, 08:12:12 PM »
General Suggestions:
~None at this time~

Token Shop Suggestions:
Mushroom Island Biome
/workbench /wb
More island sethomes
Color chat
Colors on signs

Forum Games / Chain Reaction
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:43:43 AM »
Each player posts two words that go together, but you must use the second word that the last player posted, and a new word that you come up with yourself.

For example:
Player A - Coffee Beans
Player B - Bean Salad
Player C - Salad Dressing

I will start with:
Living Room

Forum Games / Minecraft Deaths
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:38:27 AM »
In this game, you post how the person above you died in Minecraft. You could try to make it creative!

Player A - First post.
Player B - You fell in lava while mining!
Player C - A horde of Endermen killed you in the End!
Player D - A blaze shot you off a Nether Fortress!


Forum Games / Zombie Apocalypse
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:38:07 AM »
Oh no! The zombie apocalypse is really happening! The item to your left is your only weapon against the hordes. What is it and how would you use it to defend yourself?!

The item to my left is.. a painted rock. I would smash zombies' brains in with it!

Forum Games / Count Until A Staff Member Posts!
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:35:17 AM »
Try to get as high as you can before a staff member posts!
Staff members include Death, Mods, Admins, and Helpers.

Highscore: X


Forum Games / Word Association
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:34:03 AM »
Post one word that is associated with the word before it.

Player A - Music
Player B - Guitar
Player C - Rock
Player D - Stone


I will start with:

Forum Games / Four Word Story
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:31:43 AM »
Each person can only say three words at a time. Players must work together to create a legible story! No gibberish. Try to write so it makes sense! Don't forget to use punctuation.

I will start with:

Once upon a time,

Forum Games / Animal Alphabet!
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:30:17 AM »
Go in alphabetical order posting the name of an animal.

Player 1: Aardvark.
Player 2: Badger.
Player 3: Cheetah.

I will start with.. Armadillo!

Forum Games / Pros & Cons
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:28:53 AM »
State a positive thing and negative thing about the topic given by the user above, and write a topic for the next person.

Topic of last person is cake.
I would write..
Pros: Delicious and sweet!
Cons: Not healthy for you.
Next Topic: Summer.

I will start off with the topic of.. games!

Forum Games / Type The Username Above With Your Elbow
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:27:01 AM »
Simple. Type the username above with your elbow! No backspacing. :)

Forum Games / Add, Remove, or Change A Letter
« on: February 12, 2018, 08:11:58 AM »
Add, change, or remove one letter from the previous poster's word to make a new word!

Rules: No 2 letter words. English words.

Player A: Dawn
Player B: Drawn
Player C: Draw
Player D: Raw
Player E: Rat
Player F: Drat

I will start with: Tame

Important Server Information / SlimeFun Basic Guide - WIP
« on: June 07, 2017, 05:55:11 PM »
This is from the old Ultimate Skyblock server. SlimeFun will no longer be a thing.

Spoiler (hover to show)

Server News and Announcements / Server Down for Maintenance
« on: May 19, 2017, 01:03:40 PM »
The server is currently down for maintenance.

Important Server Information / Skyblock Server Guide
« on: January 11, 2017, 07:39:25 AM »
This is for the old Ultimate Skyblock server. Retired.

Domain of Death Minecraft Network
Skyblock Welcome, Guide, & FAQ!

You can do "/faq" in-game for a link to this thread, or "/menu" and click the book and quill icon!
If you're looking for something specific, use "Ctrl+F" and put in a keyword!

Welcome to DoD Edge Network !
We are a Minecraft network that has the following features:
Skyblock, Classic Skyblock, Economy Survival, and Creative!
Our IP Address is:

Server Restart Times


Make sure to read the Skyblocks rules HERE
We also have Forum Rules.

You can use "/menu" in-game to open the main DoD Edge Network menu.


Island Menu - Type "/is" to access the island menu to easily manage your island settings! To get to your island home quickly, type "/ih" To see all the other /is commands, type "/is help"

We have six different starter islands to choose from. To see better and more pictures with small descriptions for each one, click HERE!

DOD's Custom (dodisland)
A medium sized island with a small pond and a few trees.

Two close medium sized islands.

Minimal resources with a few diamonds.

A large sized starter island with already started basic farms.

Default - A small starter island.

The L shaped starter island.

Island Levels & Ranks - As your island develops, it will gain levels. See how your island ranks compared to others using the "/is top" command.
To see the level of your island, type "/is level" or look on your "/is" menu!

Grief Protection - Each island has its own protected area where only the owner and their party members can build.
Note: Your party members have full access to your island, so it is your responsibility to only invite people you can trust!

When you place a door, chest, or other container, you can protect it so only YOU can access it by doing "/cprivate" or "/lock and left clicking it. You can add people to let them access it by doing "/cmodify (their username)" then punching the chest. You can do "/lwc" in-game for a list of commands.

Party - Work alone, or invite your friends to your island party to work together on developing your island. Use the "/is invite (name)" command to invite others to your island. Warning: When they accept your invite, their inventory will be cleared!

Challenges - Complete Challenges to earn exp, currency, and item rewards! To open the Challenges window quickly, type "/c"

PVP - Type "/skypvp" in-game to be brought to the Sky PVP arena! Bring your own gear to compete with others. When you die, you do NOT lose any of your things or your experience!


You can buy "/perks" with in-game money for yourself and your island!

These include:
Tags - You can change it at any time after you have it. Purchasing a tag also comes with items and blocks, depending on which one you choose.
Use "/tags select (name)" to change your tag. To open the window to see what tags you have available to use, type "/tags"
You can also earn tags from completing certain /challenges or finding them in holiday parkour maps. There are also some in the /donor perks shop after purchasing Grass ($5) rank or higher. Emerald rank and up can obtain custom tags!

Biomes - Buy the different kinds of biomes to change your island to! You may change your biome for free after you buy it thru the "/is" menu, or type "/is biome"

Light Eater - Lower the amount of food you need to consume by slowing your hunger! Note: This is for in the Skyblocks world only!

Party Members - Buy slots to add more party members to your island!

Teleport - Purchase the ability to "/tpa" and "/tpahere!"

Warp - Buy a warp for your island! Other players will be able to visit you by doing "/is warp (name)"  You may change the warp location after you buy it. You can also do "/is w (name)" or "/iw (name)"


Spawn Shop - Visit the shop at spawn by typing "/shop"! Here you can select the admin shop (or the island shops if you wish, a.k.a. /pshop) Here you can trade DoD Currency Emeralds for items and/or blocks. Talk to the Emerald Trader to purchase DoD Currency Emeralds, or participate in server activities like Dungeons, Parkour, and Challenges to earn them. You can purchase enchants and potions in the library (/warp enchant) and alchemy shop. There is also an enchant table to use in the library, and anvils and mcmmo repair/salvage blocks in the "blacksmith" area. (/warp anvil) There are also trader NPCs in the blacksmith area for repairing SlimeFun items and gadget components, as well as upgrading gadget components.

Spoiler: Warp Shop Trade Guide (hover to show)

Player Shops - Type "/pshop" to open the player warps menu. You can also use /shop and choose island shops. This menu lists the names of players that have warps for their island! To get to their island, click on their button or type "/is warp (name)" When you hover over someone's name, it will either say "Shop Only" "Explore Only" or "Shop & Explore"


Parkour - Earn some extra in-game money and items by completing our challenging Parkour maps. Type "/pa lobby" or "/parkour" to get to the Parkour Lobby or open the Parkour Menu. You can also use the /menu.
You are able to disappear from players in Parkour. To use, simply send a “.” in chat while running a course.

See info for each course by doing "/pa stats (name)" This shows how many checkpoints there are, along with the creator of the map and other info. Loot chests reset every 18 hours.
Experience and currency gained when looting a parkour chest is based on what category it's in.
Extremely Easy: 50 exp, $10-20
Unique: 100 exp, $20-40
Special: 200 exp, $30-60
Easy: 100 exp, $20-30
Medium: 150 exp, $30-40
Hard: 200 exp, $50-60

Dungeons - Fight challenging mobs, Complete puzzles, & collect custom loot from mobs and chests to further enhance your survivability.
Type "/dun" to get to the dungeon lobby. The Tower of Terror has the main dungeons. Mini dungeons are hidden throughout the map! You can also use /ft to get to dungeons quickly.

Member+ - If you apply to be a Member+, you will gain a unique DoD Member+ title, receive more money from challenges, get an extra daily vote token with "/dailybonus", gain access to "/is trust", and a special Member+ Island with goodies at "/mpisland"!
Apply Here!

Fly - Vote on our listings to get "/fly" time to use on your island! Your time only goes down when you are actually flying in the air. You will get Tokens when you vote. "/tokenstore" to access the store. You can get a Key to use at the Voting Crate at "/spawn" or get 15 minute of fly time! There are other items in the Token Shop as well.

MCMMO - Compete to be in the leaderboards, get bonus skills, make different kinds of blocks, get more from harvesting, do more damage with weapons and axes, and more! To see more info about MCMMO, check the main wiki page here and/or this wiki here. Shift+Right Click to activate a skill!

Casino - Try your luck at the casino to win big. Located at spawn at "/warp casino"

Donate - You can donate to the server here if you wish to do so! We currently have donor ranks, MCMMO levels, and global Haste IV for 4 hours! You can also type "/donate" in-game for a link.

Discord - Join the Discord channel to chat with others on the server! Check the home page for a link to join. You can download the program on your computer, the app on your phone, or just join in your internet browser!

Server Restarts - Our network has scheduled restarts to help keep the servers running smoothly.
Hub - Every 2 hours
Creative - 05:12 AM MST
Skyblock - 05:18 AM MST
Survival - 05:24 AM MST


Vote on our listings to get "/fly" time to use on your island! Your time only goes down when you are actually flying in the air. You will get Tokens when you vote. "/tokenstore" or "/ts" to access the store. You can get a Key to use at the Voting Crate at Spawn, as well as other goodies!

Player Nicknames/Usernames - Open chat and hover over a player's name to see what their username is, along with other neat information!

Cobblestone Generator - Did you mess up your generator and get Obsidian? No worries! Right Click the Obsidian with your Bucket to get the Lava back!

How to make a simple Cobblestone Generator: Short Youtube Video

Type "/newbie" in-game to be taken to the Starter Island Tips and Guides section of spawn! There are useful tips there, and a model of a basic cobblestone generator on display!

Note: You may find problems with AFK machines as we have implemented methods to prevent AFK grinding.

Discord - Join the Discord channel to chat with others on the server! Click here to join. You can download the program on your computer, the app on your phone, or just join in your internet browser!

Type "/menu" in-game for more info!
Type "/changelog" in-game for a link to our changelog to keep up with changes or additions we make.

For any Minecraft related info, check the Wiki!

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